Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Testbuilders Wanted! (inquire within)

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I'm not sure I made this clear yesterday, or if it's just that no one's interested, but:


Thought I'd just make another post to re-emphasize this.
The Goblin Pack Project is probably the most labor intensive thing I've undertaken, and for the sake of time, monotony, and my overworked brain, I could really use some helping hands.


Build on 110lb (200gsm) cardstock

Build a fairly detailed, 20cm (8in) tall model without folding

Take pictures of your work (even a cell phone camera will do)

Work at a decent pace (not as important as the previous requirements)

However, I'm not interviewing people for a job here, so if you'd like to tag along and can't access any cardstock, or don't feel you're up to the task of no-fold, or don't have a camera, don't worry. I'll take all the help I can possibly get.

Here's the plan: I'm going to be breaking Goblins down into their constituent components so that I can produce lots and lots (seriously, lots) of PDOs, which will contain each little part of a Goblin (or Moblin) in various poses and permutations. I'll be leaving the finished PDOs "texture change" open, and include all the textures you could possibly want (including some from Fleyon's Goblin Pack), so you can apply any texture to any part to create a completely customized Goblin. Mix and match parts, textures, whatever.

Thankfully, Goblinguy chose a nice scale for his original model (to which all this is an homage, of course). The model is quite detailed, but at 20cm (8in) it's not excessively difficult, which is good news as far as I'm concerned (I think it's obvious by now that I've never been one to challenge myself with tiny little models). I do want to do the Bugbear at the same scale. It's much...much larger, and about as detailed (if not moreso), but a necessary complement, I think.

As for the bit about the camera: I don't intend for you to take shots for instructions or anything, I just need to be able to see how it turned out, or where you're running into trouble. I realize it's really best if the designer testbuilds all his own stuff, but honestly, it'd take me months of working every day to get a project of this size knocked out all on my own.

So, if you're interested in helping out, please contact me by email, instant message, carrier pigeon, smoke signal, or semaphore.

email: Mr.Klownes@gmail.com
AIM: Mister Klownes
MSN: Kaizo107@hotmail.com
Yahoo: Kaizo107


I forgot to mention last night, please, I'd love any suggestions on which weapons to include. I'm thinking of treating this as an excuse to just do layouts for every weapon anyone could possibly want. Just post suggestions in the comments, if you like. Remember that most of the weapons have multiple textures, and the more common a mesh, the more permutations it'll satisfy. Of course, the unique weapons are always the coolest looking...but yeah, I'll probably do those anyway, just because I want to. Keep in mind as well, weapons can get pretty detailed, and though the scale isn't tiny by any means, some of the more intricate weapons could wind up pretty tough to build.


Project Goblin Pack Custom Texture Contest!

As is my usual method, I like to customize models I'm building for myself, and I thought, what with all the hype I'm trying to pack into this project, it might be fun to have a little contest. So here's the deal: I supply you with the raw materials, and you make them into something great. The pack below contains all the main model types of the release, as well as the original textures. You modify the textures, apply them to the model to get an idea of how they'll look when finished, and submit them here. The best of the lot will go into the final release as another customization option when building your own little Goblin.

As you can see above, I've already tried a bit of texture editing. Is it the same, boring, purple crap I'm always guilty of? Yes! But it's also something completely new and unique. Imagine what you could do if you actually had talent or imagination (unlike yours truly). The result could be spectacular.

So go for it already.


Also: if you want to try customizing a weapon and don't have access to the raw goodies, shoot me and email and I'll get you set up. Just gotta promise to share the end result.



Anonymous said...

Hello! This is Mooshywooshy from FFXIDats and I was doing an edit for the Gray Goblin Mercenary.

However only the red one's PDO was included, which uses a different UV map for the under feet.

Its no big deal for me, but I was just wanting to make sure that you wouldnt think I was crazy or something for having the feet UV wrong!

Kaizo said...

I was not aware their UV maps were different. I'll update the pack.

Do you happen to know of the Moblins have different UV maps than the original goblin?

Anonymous said...

I think the standard Goblins and Moblins have the same UV mapping.

The only difference is if you look at the Gray Goblin and compare it with the Red you will see red has a little footprint in the bottom middle of his texture, so the bottom of their feet are more detailed.

But this is fun :D I cant wait to see all the goblins you build!

Kaizo said...

Link updated. Now includes both the Red and Grey meshes.