Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fan Section

So, this is the Fan Section. A lounge, if you will, wherein everyone gets their ego stroked. You get to show off your masterful craftsmanship, and I get to be reassured that people are actually building these things I waste so much of my free time on. The process is simple: I release the thing, you build the thing, you take a picture of the thing, you send the picture to me, I post the picture, and everyone says "oooh," and "ahh." Easy, yes? So send some photos already.

First wall full of releases. Probably won't be in this apartment long enough to fill up another.
(What? It belongs here. I'm a pretty big fan of myself...)

Aerith (FFVII)

Aravin's, Graphite's, Xanokah's

Ark Angel Tarutaru (FFXI)

Graphite's, Kupo's

Balthier (FFXII)

Nevira's, Kratos', Xanokah's

Banora White (CC:FFVII)

Nevira's, InuIzayoi's

Barret (FFVII)

Aravin's, Graphite's, Andrew's

Blitzball (FFX)


Cactuar (FFX)

Kupo's, Kruz'

Cait Sith (FFVII)

Aravin's, Graphite's

Cardian (FFXI)


Cecil (Dark Knight) (D:FF)


Cecil (Paladin) (D:FF)


Cecil's Helmet (D:FF)

Devidu's (and Devidu, shpooky), Wulingyi's (and Wulingyi, yowza)
Devidu's looks a bit odd because he's in the process of fiberglassing it. Very exciting.

Chocobo (FFXI)

Fezco's, the Adventurer's, Kathleen and Nicole's
(note: I didn't really "release" this, and the layout is a bad memory, but they all made it work anyway)


Aravin's, Graphite's, Andrew's

Cloud (FFVII)

Aravin's, Graphite's

Enemy Icons (D:FF)


The Fahrenheit (FFX)

Kathleen and Nicole's

Gabranth's Helmet (FFXII)


Genesis' Sword "Rapier" (CC:FFVII)

Nevira's, Xanokah's

Glenn (Chrono Cross)


Harle (Chrono Cross)


Heidegger-claus (FFVII...sort of)


Jack Sparrow (KH2)

Wulingyi's, Xanokah's

Jenova's Mask (CC:FFVII)

Zinarei's (and Zinarei, creepy~)

Kid (Chrono Cross)


Lady Luck (FFX-2)

Fezco's, Wulingyi's (squaring off with Fezco's Tonberry)

Lynx (Chrono Cross)


Mandragora (FFXI)


Moogle (FFX)

Kruz', Kupo's, Wulingyi's

Moogle (FFXI)

Nevira's, Fezco's, Lyrin's, Jophish's, Graphite's, Kupo's, Kathleen and Nicole's, Ed McSmoke's
(Graphite built both, and provided a comparative shot to display both sizes. The sword was also a nice touch on the small version.)

Party (FFVII)

Graphite's, Kathleen and Nicole's

Odin's Horse "Sleipnir" (FFXI)

Kathleen and Nicole's

Potion (CC:FFVII)



Aravin's, Graphite's, TheBumbler's

Sephiroth (FFVII)

Nevira's, Aravin's, InuIzayoi's, the Adventurer's

Terra (D:FF)

Aaron's, InuIzayoi's

Tifa (FFVII)

Graphite's, Andrew's

Yuffie (FFVII)

Graphite's, Andrew's, TheBumbler's

Warlock's Chapeau (FFXI)

Nevira's (and Nevira, yowza)

Zack (FFVII)

Nevira's, Graphite's, Xanokah's, the Adventurer's (...Ein?)


Fezco said...

yeeesh.... Am I the only one crazy enough to have actually built that Chocobo model?

The layout looked ok to me at the time I built it.... (well, back then I was "clueless")


Kaizo said...

I'm surprised you made it work. I'll revisit it some day...


Kupo said...

Yay, my stuff got posted.And by the way Fezco, if I can convince myself to use 20 pages of ink, you may not be the only one crazy enough to build it.

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