Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hunter's Beret

Hunter's Beret

Ranger's hat, blah blah blah. You know the drill. More later.

(Attempt at witty text goes here)

Dancer's Tiara

Dancer's Tiara

So, I'm finally cracking down and getting the last of them done. As previously stated, I'm pretty much going to release the last one on the day of the anniversary. Got another one ready for release right after this, then two more between now and the 14th. In the meantime, I have a few tricks up my sleeve.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty~

No! Too pretty! Make it stop!

Thursday, May 20, 2010



I'm back, nerds!

Hooo, been a while hasn't it? Well rest assured, the wait was well worth it. Well...worth it for me. You are now following the exploits of a published freelance writer and college graduate. That's right, it's okay to bask in my glory...


Fine then.

Anyway, this one's not so bad. That anime hair is the hardest part of the whole build, but I think I came up with a rather clever solution to some floating parts on the front. We'll see if you agree.

As ever, I'm terribly amused with my own antics.

So, I'm back. Currently looking for work, not finding any, subsequently have lots and lots of free time. I've made the terrible terrible mistake of reactivating my FFXI content IDs, and world-changed back to Cerberus, so if you're around, you'll find me by the name you know so well.

Got Dark Serge already printed, so that'll be next, but I'm going to start working on Kefka shortly thereafter. I'm determined to have him be the last page on my first wall of releases (you'll find out what that means after I release him). After that, I've got the FFXI Chocobos ready to go, and I'm going to force myself to finish the Artifact Helmets before I hit the second year anniversary (oh let's be honest, I'm going to time it so I release the last one on the second anniversary because I'm lame enough to think that's cool).

I'm on Windows 7 now, and I've been having a lot more success with 3D Ripper DX, so I'm looking to expand my game roster (expect some stuff from BioShock, Borderlands if I can get the ripper tweaked to run with that weird cell-shading stuff, and maybe some Wii games, as I recently acquired said console).

I'm also going to be at A-Kon in Dallas in a little over a week. Won't be doing anything like at the Arkansas festival, but I'll be wandering around with Chenille if you feel like offering some salutation. Was planning to having something for that SteamPunk RPG ready for playtesting by the convention, but generic laziness on the part of myself and my co-creator has lead isn't ready. Anyway, we'll all be there, so track us down if you're in the neighborhood.

Notice: bonus effects from equipment do not stack.