Thursday, June 18, 2009

Evoker's Horn

Evoker's Horn

Think this is the last of the obviously simple ones, so I'll probably take a break for a bit. Then again, I think I'm trying to stay up all day to fix my messy sleeping patterns.

We'll see what happens.

Ninja Hatsuburi

Ninja Hatsuburi

Had to do a second build for this one, scale it up a bit. The fact that it completely covers the face means it has to be a bit bigger scale-wise. Finished product turned out nice, I think. As usual, Artifact and Relic textures, adjustable fitting.

Now to decide if I should keep going, or take a break and play some more BioShock while watching Invader Zim. Hrmmm, this isn't an easy decision. Could also play some Revenant Wings.
All the same, I love Gir!

You'll hear back from me soon enough.

Fighter's Mask

Fighter's Mask

Real simple, three textures (Artifact, Relic, and Ark Angel Hume), adjustable size.

Ninja Hatsuburi on the way. Sit tight.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wizard's Petasos

Wizard's Petasos

Sorry about the delay on this one. I know I basically said I'd have several releases for Monday and Tuesday, but I helped a friend move Monday, then ended up hanging out at the new place until about this time Tuesday (it's Wednesday morning, but for me this is basically Tuesday night; I have a really messed up sleep schedule). Bit more fun than some simple circles, figured I ought to do something substantial to make up for the belated release. Also included the Ark Angel Tarutaru's hat texture for this, since it's the same model.

I forgot to mention with the Chapeau release that the little double-sided, double-tabbed bits are optional. If you've been reading long enough, you know I'm a Tarutaru at heart, and our AF don't have those odd little accents. But I'm working with the Hume versions of every helm, just because they represent the norm and the majority, and you don't have to have been reading long to know I'm not one to make any unnecessary changes to a model. The hats look decent with them, but are definitely easier without. Up to you.

Get it? Robe? Wizard hat? Ahaaaaa!

Anyway, I'll probably do some simple ones later today. Expect the Warrior and Ninja masks, hopefully by this time Thursday at the latest.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gallant Coronet

Gallant Coronet

So by now you're probably starting to notice a trend. Yeah, the plan is to do all of them (and probably some extra stuff too). About two weeks back I was hoping to release them all at once on the anniversary, but procrastination, laziness, and other models kept making that deadline inch closer and closer with no work to show for it. Well I finally decided a good idea would be to start with the Chapeau, since that's really the first one I posted in that fateful thread one year ago, then release a new one every day following.

Well there are a few problems with that plan. First off, it would mean 20 days until I could do something else. Now, that probably sounds great for FFXI fans, 20 days of AF helms. For anyone else, though, it means nearly a month until Cecil or Tifa, or whatever else I might do in that time. For me, it means almost constant work. I'd need to be releasing a new model every day for nearly a month. That doesn't sound very fun, considering they're all basically the same when it comes to editing. Easy, but monotonous.

So here's the new plan: I release new AF helms whenever I feel like it. Yes that sounds like a horrible plan, but in practice it means I'm going to release like three in one day, then go a few days without any releases. You can't tell because the picture's cropped, but I took the picture above about an hour after taking the picture with the Katar. These simple ones take all of 10 minutes to build (and only because I'm taking step-by-step pictures for the instructions) and only a bit longer to edit and lay out (I saved the post for today rather than posting last night to build up the whole "what's gonna happen tomorrow" effect, apologies).

The plan was actually to do the Black Mage hat yesterday, then probably something cool today, but I finally got ahold of Bioshock (yes, I realize how behind the times I am), and as predicted, I was instantly hooked. Wasted all the time I'd planned to spend working on the Petasos wailing on Splicers and getting my ass handed to me by Big Daddies. Thus, you get releases that take 30 minutes to get from start to finish, just so I could say I released something for the 1-2-3 effect.

So I'll probably have another release (or two or three, depending on which) for tomorrow afternoon (no work today, Game Day - actually writing this Saturday night, setting for auto-post), and possibly Tuesday. After that, I'll try to get back to work on something more substantial.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A year and a day?

Temple Crown

Hey look, another one. Monk AF/Relic this time, nice and simple, it's just a hoop. Both textures, even has an extra piece to make it adjustable (well adjustable until you figure out exactly how big it needs to be, then glue it down making it permanently sized >_>).

Made a katar as well. Two reasons. One: I'm a colossal nerd and, Two: My Spellthief is using them in our current campaign (I thought this might go too far on the nerd-scale, but the host and fellow who talked me into joining their group said nothing is too nerdy, and the GM simply said "get that shit done," when I mentioned the idea). I'm the only papercrafter in the group, so I'm always looking for silly little ways to try to persuade the rest of them to give it a shot. I can post it a bit later if anyone's interested.

Bit of a sidenote: I'm going to be rearranging the shared MediaFire folder. Organize it according to game. Little bit too jumbled just having everything in there alphabetically.

Interesting that I did another AF helm, eh? Wonder what we'll see tomorrow...

Friday, June 12, 2009

A year in the making

Warlock's Chapeau

A year ago today (actually down to this very minute, don't worry, I'm not a witch, I'm writing this around noon and will set it to post itself at exactly 4:04 PM), I started this blog after posting PDOs of every Final Fantasy XI Artifact helm on's Papercraft and Origami board. None of them were tested, and all of them were garbage. In my defense, I did plan to test them all, but I saw a thread specifically about this very item, the Chapeau, one thing led to another, and it was all a downhill slide from there.

Here we are after a year's time. The Cardian, the Mandragora, an Airship, an Ark Angel, a companion Crab, some posters, some more Mandragoras, a Moogle, a Monkey, a Blitzball and a Treasure Chest, some stencils, a cursed horse, another Cardian, a revolution, my goddess of Luck, an airship captain, a big stuffed animal, Heidegger (not the philosopher), a Harlequin, three versions of the same guy with mommy issues, another Moogle, a straw man (not the fallacy), a flower girl, a lost girl, some threaded sprites, another Airship, an adventure in video-boredom, a man with a dangerous prosthetic, the beginning of a long-term homage, a few attempts at sharing wisdom, a 48-year-old teenager, some more "wisdom," a hero, his legacy, a handful of faceless enemies, a dumb apple, a can of juice, a cell phone telephone, a tiny sword, a bigger sword, a random box, an Esper girl, a Sky Pirate, and a Frog's namesake later, and I've finally finished the first model I started.

I suppose after all that (it's somewhere between 35 and 40 releases, depending on how liberal your interpretaion), you've earned the right to see who's been babbling at you this whole time.

Too bad a fancy hat can't outweigh all the crazy and ugly. Ohh well~ Is anyone really that surprised?

As for the model: it's not bad. I put off doing anything wearable because the effort involved contradicts my primary directive: be as lazy as God damn possible. The build's easy enough, but the layout obviously suffered from the sheer size of it. I tried doing the testbuild with "overflow paint," something I usually try to avoid, because I firmly believe a well-designed model shouldn't need it. Well the size of this thing kind of tosses "good layout" out the window, so using overflow paint is a wise decision, or at least it was for me. I've included PDOs for both textures (AF and Relic), in case you choose to use overflow as well (I'd normally just do it as a second set of PDFs, but the overflow literally overflows onto other pages and makes a PDF look bad. Works fine, but I'll let you make the judgement call). I've got a pretty big head and it fits me fairly well, so it should work out nicely for any user, assuming you're not a giant or a pixie.

So here we stand. A year of releases. Some good, most not. I've made friends, trained students, and given about as much to the community as I can. It begs the question: what's next?

All I can really say is, the future.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009



Another Chrono Cross model, originally added to the list when requested by a friend. I really like the Chrono Cross models. They're in that perfect papercrafting spot, where the mesh is still very simple, but the texture makes up for it by being gorgeous. That wonderful stage of 3D graphics at the end of the PS1 era.

Anyway, model's not bad. The hair's a bit tricky, but it's generally an easy build. I'm trying something new (if you hadn't already noticed) with the layouts. I assume anyone who wants to build a lineless model is willing to build the smooth no-fold way. So for this layout, there's a "lineless" version (actually has a few lined spots, things that absolutely have to be folded, but with colored lines so they blend in), which is mostly meant to be built without folds. Included a lined version as well, because, as mentioned, this model is in that simpler mesh sort of region. I've seen finished builds of Harle and Kid that look decent folded, so I won't keep you from it if that's your thing.

Anyway, back to work. I'll try to get Tifa and Yuffie ready to go sometime soon, and keep working on the Cecil models. Another 2 days to the anniversary. I guess we'll find out together what I decide to do as celebration.

Well, no rest for the wicked, etc.. Back to it.

Saturday, June 6, 2009



Well, here he is, over seven months in the making (not that I was actively working on him all that time). The scale's not quite what I expected, but given how finicky FFXII model data is, I don't expect him to be part of a set any time soon, so I'll worry about scaling when I make any future XII models. I'm pretty happy with the result, considering I'm so accustomed to the lazy "design" work of running posed models through Pepakura. He kind of ended up with a beak in my build, but don't worry, that's because I didn't preshape that part of his face right, not because the model is flawed.

Tried something new with this build, namely broadcasting the entire build live on (you can find a gadget in the sidebar to your left, all 8 parts of the build video have been saved and are accompanied by the audio to the Doctor Who episodes I was watching while working. It's not a tutorial, it's not exciting, it's not even time-lapse. It's just what an honest build process looks like (i.e. boring). There's not much purpose in broadcasting a papercraft build, but the curious thing is it seems to take no toll on my memory or bandwidth, so I figure why not. While the broadcast is running, viewers are more than welcome to join in at the chat room or with their own webcasts. If you care to join in next time, it would definitely make the process less boring.

So this marks the release of the longest running project I've attempted so far. Similarly, June 12 marks the one-year anniversary of starting the blog (just 6 days away). I'm not sure what to do to celebrate just yet, but I do know I'd sorely enjoy a break.

Glenn's nearly ready for build, as is that Toclafane model I was toying around with. Got some other projects in the works, as usual; Hopefully I can come up with something fun for the anniversary. No rest for the wicked, etc.. As always, requests, comments, blah blah, always welcome. You know how this works.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going for a walk.