Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Miniature Airship

FFXI Miniature Airship
("official release" #3)

This one is...definitely something. Let me just say I don't envy the guy who tries to follow my psychotic instructions on this one.

I borrowed Urashiman's Highwind propellers for this, as the model didn't include its own. Credit and thanks go to him for their design (and apologies if he's uncomfortable with me using them, though I'd like to think I've given anyone reading plenty of motivation to check out his work, which is all of the highest caliber).

On a side note: I was recently approached by a fellow willing to play patron to keep me designing more, and, long story short, We have a Donate Button!
If you'd like to help out, it'd keep my printer full of ink and my replacement Xacto blades plentiful.

On another side note: to the Anon who said he had the .PDO for the Fran model, I'd love to see just how badly I screwed it up, and I know other people would like some guidance, so they don't have to treat it like a puzzle, like I did.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Life-size Mandragora

I guess we call this: official release #2?

This was a special request by my faithful test builder, Vivi. A "life-size" Mandragora. The finished model is approximately two and one-half feet tall.
I would strongly recommend using heavy paper, 110lb cardstock if you can get it, for this build.

On a side note: I've got the first of my Crystal Warrior set ready to print, but working on this airship has all but completely drained my printer cart. As I'm a destitute college student, printer ink takes a back-seat on the priority train to things like food and rent, so it may be a while before I finish another "official release."
The airship is almost done. If I push, I should have it completed and ready for release tomorrow.