Saturday, June 12, 2010

730 Days

Beast Helm

Well, here we are. It took me a year to get right, then another year to actually do it, but I've finally finished the project that started this whole mess. 730 days in the making.

In the last year we've built a feathered cap, an ascetic's band, a paladin's crest, the mage's hat, the warrior's mask, an assassin's guard, a caller's protrusion, the bat-wing helm, a fist-fighting bartender, humanity's dark destiny, the thief's cover, the prophylactic beanie, an eastern mask, a small-town sticky-fingers, the bardic round, a slot-machine guardian, a corporate copter, a convoluted antagonist, a puppeteer's cover, a shop-owning mole-bat, an educated man's hat, the horned helms of a man's dark side, a old pirate gambler, a man's dark side, his own redemption, an adjudicator's mask, a belted woman's dolls, a well-traveled pirate, some Christmas swag, mother's mask, a predicting patriot, the great tree's mask, a silent hero, the dancers' rings, a ranger's covering, the future of evolution, a samurai's mask, a pirate's hat, and finally a wild man's mask.

And that's with taking a few months off. Imagine what we can pull off in another year.

Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Corsair's Tricorne

Corsair's Tricorne

Second to last, a hat for a lucky pirate. Subject matter very dear to me.
Anyhow, last piece of the puzzle in less than 24 hours.

I feel the yellow teeth make it more authentically piratey.

Myochin Kabuto

Myochin Kabuto

Down to the home stretch. There'll be another one tomorrow (well later today if you want to get technical), then the final piece of the first year anniversary project on Saturday (which is not coincidentally the second anniversary).


Tuesday, June 1, 2010



First BioShock model, very exciting. Simple build, included textures for Plasmids, as well as Physical, Combat, and Engineering Tonics.

Expect more in the future. I'm thinking maybe an EVE Hypo next.