Friday, January 15, 2010

The Star Sibyl

The Star Sibyl

I probably could've had this done about two days after the Jenova's Mask release, but for some reason I was really dragging my feet.

Oh wait! I remember the reasons.

Anyway, I had the idea to do this one way back when I did the FFXI Process video. A tribute to the sovereign-seer of my old (virtual) home. Did a bit of simplifying on this one just to make the face buildable at scale. There are some tiny parts, but it's a lot better than it would've been if I'd left the eyelids in tact.

So, I start my final semester of university on Tuesday. It's basically a semester of electives to just fill out my hours, so I expect to have plenty of free time, but I also need to find employment so I'm not screwed into moving back in with my mother come graduation. So yeah, hopefully some free time, but not more than money can be made in.

Next models will be the Exdeath helmet (probably gonna be built on Sunday), followed by Serge and Dark Serge (if it wasn't obvious already, I'm trampling all over the project list), along with a gimmick Dingo stuck to the double-release. Look forward to those in the next few weeks.

Finally, I've been working on a big list of questions and concepts that I want to go into a massive (and I do mean massive) introduction to papercraft and tutorial on all the things contained therein. If you have any questions you want addressed, please email or instant message me.

By the way, this is awesome.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jenova's Mask

Jenova's Mask

Remember the big crazy angel thing covering the Jenova tank at Nibelheim? The thing Sephiroth rips down and then you're like, "oh dear sweet lord, that woman has an eyeball in her bosom!"


Anyway, this is just the big suit thing edited down to the head. If you'd like to wear it as a mask (and scare the bejesus out of your FFVII playing friends), you can leave the eyes (or rather, lack thereof) out.


While we're at it, I've had this lying around for a while, been waiting for a Crisis Core release to tag it on. PDO only, as with so many of the Crisis Core gimmick models.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have got a monstrous pile of scrap paper to clean up after the FFIX party marathon.


Oh hey, look at that. First release of 2010. Fancy.