Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cecil - Dark Knight

Decided to go ahead and release this on its own now for a few reasons. I've already released Cecil's Helmet on its own, so the big pack will be lacking its total completion no matter what. If I were to save both models for a big pack, it'll be well over 30mb. This way, I get the models to you faster. And finally, it takes the pressure off me to rush the last build.

Anyway, he's done, and I'm quite pleased with the result. The build wasn't difficult, but given the level of detail, I wouldn't really call it easy either. Included three textures for this, the normal costume, which I built, his alternate (which is sort of a red version of the normal), and the Manikin skin, which you encounter as a generic enemy in story modes.

So here's the issue: put him next to Terra, and it looks like I've totally butchered the scale. However, this is 100% correct. I present the following as evidence:

So, in FFIV, Cecil was listed as being 5'8" and Terra was listed as being 5'7" (right in range of my height, quite comforting being this short when some of your imaginary heroes are too). However, they're clearly not an inch off in Dissidia. I would say Cecil was scaled up and Terra was scaled down. She's gotta be under 5 feet now, and I'd say he's around 6.

So, the scale looks wrong, but It's right on (though whether that's good or bad remains to be seen). Now, the big issue (no pun intended), is that Cecil is a medium size model in Dissidia, whereas Golbez (pictured above) is downright massive. If you check out the Sandbox, I made a post about this issue, particularly as it regards Chaos, which I'd like to do eventually.

Anyway, we'll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it. In the meantime, I'll get back to work. I might take a few days off before starting on the Paladin version of Cecil, just to give myself some variety.

Follow the progress on Ustream, if you're interested.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adieu, bottle of glue

Put this together as soon as the bottle finally ran dry this afternoon. It really is impressive how far a single $3 bottle can take you.

And remember, I am an officially licensed and certified madman, so don't try this at home.

EDIT: A friend reminded me of something I wanted to mention. I actually waste a lot of glue by pouring it out onto a palette and using a toothpick. That should really suggest to you the cost effectiveness of this glue.

Oh and for the record, the fire didn't smoke, barely smelled like anything, and I did not get high in the slightest way.

If you were wondering, the hats aren't pictured because I've been using a small bottle of the regular Tacky so as to not use up my Quickdry. Got another 8oz bottle waiting for another year of crafting, so...

Righto, back to work.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Meant to get this built last week, but between all the school crap and going to Houston for the weekend, I couldn't get around to it. Anyway, with Fargo done, I'm going to get started on the Dark Knight version of Cecil this afternoon. I'll try to get as much on Ustream as I can, so tune in if you care. I'll probably be watching That Mitchell and Webb Look for a while. It's about as good in audio form. I'll figure out something else for the rest of the huge build.

Had some more fun with character summary:

A mermaid-loving, father-of-androgynous-pop-idols cruise ship captain.

Travel the world, father some children with a mermaid, fight a horrid, pan-dimensional evil with your estranged family? Arg! It's the pirate's life for me!

Picked up some more shelves while I was down for the weekend.
Problem is, eventually I'm going to run out of walls...then ceiling...
I'm gonna need a bigger place sooner or later.

Anyway, back to work.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Chaos Burgeonet and Cecil's Helmet

Chaos Burgeonet

I've got a lot of images here, so I'm going to break the text up in weird ways. Just thought I'd warn you.

Anyway, so here's the deal: It's my birthday (yes yes, woo, etc.).

Now, I've had these two models built and ready to go for some time (not too long on the Chaos Burgeonet, but I've had Cecil's Helmet ready for like two weeks), but I wanted to save their releases for when I finished working on the actual Cecil character models. That way you get a big ol' pack of Cecil related stuff (the Chaos Burgeonet is obviously based on Cecil's original helmet, so I figured it should go in the big release as well).

Problem is, I also wanted to release something on my birthday so I'd have an excuse to post. I tried just posting for the sake of it last year, and the whole affair felt really contrived. I wanted to get Fargo built and released, but I ended up sitting around a bar with some friends (don't ask why, I don't even drink) for several hours this evening, so I knew Fargo just wasn't going to get built on time.

Cecil's Helmet

So, since I had both of these models packaged up, ready to go, I figured I'd go ahead and release them for the excuse to post on my birthday, and to give you a present by not being a tease and keeping them to myself until I get the big stuff done (any of you who saw my posts on the paper hat rack I built will already have known about the Cecil mask). Also this frees me up to just kick back on my birthday and play some Katamari Forever.

Ugh...while posting this, I just noticed Ynger's comment in the shoutbox (and yes, that typo was intentional). You remember Yngar, right? The crazy-eyed man who conducted horrible experiments with caffeine and alcohol at Anime Fest?
You may not want to, but you remember...

Anyway, if you really want to show your appreciation on my twenty-third, you should consider pressing that shiny yellow button to your right. The one that says "Donate." Donations keep my paper plentiful and my printer full of ink.

Haaah. With all that said, I can finally address some of the important bits about the models. Namely, they're both full-head helmets. This means scaling is real tricky business. Now, I have a pretty big head, but, I shave it, so I am sans-hair. This means that my head is a pretty good rough estimate of the size of the average wearer. What I found with these is that, you need to remember the shape of your head: its widest circumference is around the temple/forehead, just above the eyes. The helmets will both fit, but you need to be careful about putting them on. Go slowly, and try to tuck your ears in as you pull down over the brow. That way you won't hurt your face or your fancy paper hat.

I'll try to get Fargo done in the next few days, then start on the Cecil models when I can. Going out of town for the weekend (Renaissance Festival in Houston with crazy-eyes; my mom's in League City, so it's also a chance to cash in on the birthday weekend).

With all that said, I think I'll relax a bit and roll me up some soul clods.

You know, eating a bag's worth of muffins with a big glass of milk is a mighty fine substitute for a birthday cake. I was never all that big on frosting anyway.