Monday, February 8, 2010

Exdeath's Helmet

Exdeath's Helmet

Sorry about the ridiculous amount of time this took to get done. It actually only took about 4 hours to build, going pretty casually, then a bit longer to make the instructions and release pack.

There's no point in lying about it, I just haven't been feeling it lately. I rushed to get some models ready for the convention in November, then I had to wrestle with the last four finals I'd ever have to take for my B.A. in Philosophy, then I raced through Jack Sparrow in about a week anda half for Christmas. After all that, I just wasn't in the mood to get back to anything. I took some time off, actually played some video games (anyone who's been reading for a while will notice a cyclical pattern between my gaming and my papercrafting).

Now I'm in my last semester of college, and I feel it's fairly important to take it seriously. I'm also going to be needing to find a real job soon, so as I don't have to move back to Houston once I'm done with my work here in Denton. The truth is, I've been procrastinating with a lot of stuff because I've lined up a handful of serious, work-heavy projects, and I'm just not up for sitting down and trying to get a pose done for something as detailed as Kefka or Cloud. As such, it's easy to get distracted, and given this year's video game releases, that isn't going to get better any time soon.

Meanwhile, some friends and I are finally getting serious about working on a new Steampunk RPG system. I'll be posting any appropriate work related to it on DeviantArt (already have the world map up), but for now the development is mostly taking place on Google Docs. Once we've got something to show for it, progress will be posted on another blog. I'll let you know when the time comes, if you're interested.

I've made some changes to the Fan Section. Since everyone who contributes original content now have their own blogs, I've removed that particular section. If a certain proprietor of is reading, he would be wise to keep an eye on two of the newest additions to the crowd, Aravin and Aaron.

Finally, and THIS IS IMPORTANT, I've been thinking, we have enough Final Fantasy oriented designers now that we could make a blog specifically devoted to Final Fantasy papercraft, ala NintendoPapercraft. I've already reserved a Blogspot URL in case anyone's interested, so let me know if the idea intrigues you.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got some stuff to read for a quiz tomorrow.

Oh and for the record, I think he should've been called Exodus.