Monday, June 30, 2008

Obligatory update

Don't really have anything worth mentioning, but I thought I'd post to let a few people know they aren't being ignored.

I'm working on...let's say a total "mulligan" on the AF Hats. I plan to redo the entire set at both 1/1 and 1/2 scales. Thing is, I just discovered why I've been getting some funny problems with some of the more recent models I've tried to unfold. Something about the viewer program contained in that MediaFire link with the latest lists screws up the scaling. The original Model Viewer I was using keeps the measurements ingame at a realistic scale (i.e. Galka are over 7 feet tall). So I've had to do a bit of a shuffle and stop using the program. I'm going to switch the latest lists over to be used with the old program that keeps the scales right, and I should have some basic results soon enough.

My current project is the FFXI Airship, and it's coming along, as you can see. But I'm at a bit of an impass. The front half of the deck is slightly too long, and so the edges don't match up with the tabs. Not to mention that, if you put the two halves of the deck together first, it's effectively impossible to connect it to the hull without losing finger-access to connection tabs either on the lower half of the hull, or to the bottom of the deck. I've tried scaling Urashiman's modified Highwind propellers to work as the missing propellers, and a cursory glance would suggest they'll do fine, but I'm not quite to that phase of construction yet. If I can just work out this deck issue, it should all work nicely.

Edit: oh geez, I almost forgot. The FFXII Fran model. I do not have the .pdo for it. I actually started a thread on /po/ a few months ago asking for any FFXII related papercraft, and it was the only return. The story I got with it suggests that I may be the first person, apart from the creator, to finish the model. I had to treat the thing like a puzzle, and eventually use game art and screen shots as reference material. The original post of it is not as large as mine. I noticed the resolution of the pages was exceptionally high, just about twice a normal page, so I just copied and pasted the pieces onto new pages in PhotoShop. It consumed more paper and ink, but in the longrun, I think it made the build much easier, considering I was only going on texture and tab allignment/page layout to figure out where each piece went. To the person who requested it: if you'd like to wing it and try without a 3D model, I'd be happy to give pointers if you get stuck. Just know I never really figured out the hair. That was at the end of the build, and I just wanted it to be done, so I kind of stuck it on in a way that seemed half-decent.

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's my blog and I'll...camwhore if I want to?

Felt like doing the pointless, self-centered thing and posting my collection. Also because I'm a bit concerned that all this "I haven't testbuilt any of it" stuff is making it look like I don't know how to do anything beyond hakos (not that I haven't made my share of simple crap.)

The following is my entire collection, with a 3 inch hako-Zoidberg for scale.
Apologies for the wretched state of my camera.

Pretty much the whole thing.

An outdated calendar-ball I drew Zodiac signs on, Chomp-Chomp, 4chan Party Van, Prinny, Toast, Futurama Brain Slug, Skull, Domo-kun hiding behind the skull, and chibi Pyramid Head.

Okami Amaterasu, Megaman Servbot, Shin-chan and Whitey

My current project: an army of Katamari cousins. I'm about halfway through all the available models.

Double-size Nomad Moogle (not mine), Cactuar, Tonberry, my faithful chocobo Plato, and Vivi

Inital testbuilds of the Wizard's Petasos, Maat's Cap, and Drachen Armet

Windurstian Conquest Flag


Double-size model of Fran

Original Scale Highwind. (Did this one last summer)

Double-size Highwind V1 (my first real project this summer)

Double-size Highwind V2

Double-size Highwind V3

Ceiling cat (getting Zoidberg up there wasn't easy...)

Sluice Surveyor Mk. I (talking magic doll from BLM AF quests), Kingdom Hearts wizard

Most of the collection on a shelf in my bedroom, where it normally resides.

The V3 hanging over my monitor (seriously, how the Hell could I be seeking this long on Bard)

The double-size V1 and V2, plus Fran, in their normal locations.

If anyone's interested, I'd be happy to help find the original templates for anything shown. Many of them are on the /po/ Archives, or in /rs/ under the names you'd expect. If you can't track them down, I can help find where they're hiding, or post the copies I have.

If you have any questions and don't feel like waiting around, feel free to instant message me (s/n is in the profile), and if you play FFXI on Asura, I recently started playing again and world transfered from Cerberus, so the new name is Oka. Say 'hi' if you like.

Request Delivery

Got around to addressing a few requests.

Resized Corsair's Tricorne


Stormwaker Automaton

Miniature Airship
This one's really got me interested. I've got a thing for airships (I may post some of my unrelated stuff later to illustrate). I would've said 'no' to this request right up until I found the latest modelviewer lists, which include furniture. There's also a model for a fullscale airship, but it's missing portions, and generally unmanagable. However, the Miniature Airship, an item only accessible after someone has been using an account with a Gold Worldpass for a year, is much more reasonable in terms of papercraft. I really want to take this one seriously, so I'm going to give it more attention that other requests, which I simple arrange as logically as I can, and testbuild it. As you can see, the model lacks propellers, as they're a sort of effect (constantly in motion), so I'm thinking I might use the revised propellers from Urashiman's Highwind, scaled accordingly. Pictured is an inital unfolding, before any rearrangement or edits.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Calling this my first official "release".

Saturday, June 14, 2008

On testbuilds

Vivi's testbuild of the Drachen Armet

My testbuilds of Maat's Cap and the Drachen Armet.

I used heavier paper than Vivi's, so I was able to place the top portion of the Armet lower on the model, and have it hold solid. I don't think anyone doubted the Maat's Cap was buildable.
My printer finally started going dry just before I printed the Armet, so it's quite pink as a result, and slightly crooked as I rushed through it and accidentally let a piece get crumpled on the floor.
They all seem to be turning out slightly too small to wear, so I may go through and unfold them all again slightly larger.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Brass Baghnakh

Thanks to a testbuild by Vivihiete (picture below), I've updated the .pdo for the Brass Baghnakh

Nomad Moogle Revisit

Did a second unfolding of the Nomad Moogle, as I was unhappy with the original layout. Parts are now ordered in a way that makes their construction more obvious. Also included a PDF and simple labels.


As I've stated, almost all of my models are currently untested. If you attempt one and come across some troubles, please, leave comments in this post letting me know. As I haven't had the chance to testbuild, the responses would be very useful. Thanks

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Planned items

Models I've got on the list to mock up:


A complete Ark Angel set (going to make each to the same scale, so you get the effect of the taru next to the galka). I think it would make a really cool long-term project.

Moogle (to compliment the nomad)

And my own character, Kaizo

Just about any NPC or PC gear combination can be done, it's just a matter of how complex. I've got the model extracted for Vrtra, but it's bloody colossal. The initial unfolding looks like that GLaDOS unfold on /po/ the other day. Scary o_O

Other stuff

The following models could generously be referred to as "ambitious:"

Work so far

All the stuff I've already posted on /po/:

All AF Helms (contains all of the following, so you don't need to get them individually):

Other stuff (not in the archive at the top):