Friday, March 7, 2008

Project Goblin Pack Tester's Zone

Alright builders, this is something of a private link. Not that anyone willing to look all the way back on the archive couldn't find it...but yeah. Point is, it's out of the way.

This is going to be our little staging area. I've sent you all the link to this page (hurr), and I'll continually update it with all necessary information, starting with the master list, and who's claimed which build.

This pack contains screenshots of all the various permutations. Use it to choose which parts you'd like to test.

As you finish up your tests, I'll post finished pictures, just for funsies. You all have my contact information, so send me emails or instant messages whenever you run into trouble, think an edit should be made, or are finished and want to get your progress posted.

I've applied a custom texture to all the models to cut down on ink consumption, but still give a good approximation of how the finished texture should look. If you're really wanting to build the model "for keeps" go ahead and download the texture pack for the custom texture contest.


(If you can stand the monotony and repetition, I would love it if one person could tackle all the hands, one person all the arms, etc. There are enough bodies that everyone can take at least one. If you would rather make one complete model, that's fine. Just pick the parts from the list, and send me an email with your selection. I'll send PDOs out to individuals so as not to post a lot of extra clutter. If a part isn't listed, it's because it is so similar to another listed part as to be unnecessary to include.

I'll post the name of the individual who claimed the testbuild next to the parts they've claimed. If you really want to make one of parts already claimed, that's fine, but for the purposes of testing, I'd really rather get each one done before doing any repeats. Also I'm going to be claiming some of the more critical elements for myself, as I just can't in good conscience not build them.


2-Handed Battle - left and right - Dennis
1-Handed Battle - right - Dennis
Cast - left and right - Geberel (left) Dennis (right)
Casting - left - Dennis
Defeated - left - Nat
Dig - right - Amanda
Guard - left - Amanda
Stab - left
Swing - right - Geberel
Vanilla - left and right - Nat (right)


Battle - Dennis
Defeated - Nat
Dig - Amanda
Guard - Denny
Stab - Vivi
Swing - Geberel
Vanilla - Kaizo


Casting - left and right
Defeated - left and right - Nat
Guard - left and right
Vanilla - left and right


Cast - right
Casting - left
Defeated - left - Nat
Swing - left and right - Geberel
Vanilla - left


Mercenary - Kaizo
Vanilla - Kaizo

(these are just rings, they need to be tested WITH heads, so wait on claiming any of these until I've got some instructions ready for building the heads.)

Defeated - Nat
Vanilla - Geberel


Mercenary - Kaizo
Steam - Kaizo
Treasure - Kaizo
Vanilla - Kaizo

Bugbear - Kaizo

(Sorry for leaving you with nothing but the boring crap. Like I said, if you really WANT to make something already claimed, that's fine. For the heads and packs, I need to make proper instructions before I even get them out to testers.)


Austineze said...

I noticed the link for the textures comes up as: "Invalid File. This error has been forwarded to MediaFire's development team."

Kaizo said...

Sorry about that, fixed.