Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Got sick of making such long, sporadic posts, which get constantly updated with all the minutiae I feel like tacking on, so here's a page of nothing but the pointless bits.
This is eventually going to be a really really long post, because I just intend to keep adding little details to it, pictures of testbuilds, etc. Maybe I'll clean it up every week or something, just to keep the list from getting too long.

So scoot up real close to the screen and stay tuned.



Maria Paula said...

Let me say this: that Zidane sword? WOW! I really adore that little monkey.

Your Mojo papercraft was the first mega ultra hard papercraft I glued (after a little practice with the little Katamari Prince and the !up and the ? box of Mario Bros) It came out really nice! your instructions were most helpful in times of terror XD
I love your work so much, thank you!

Kaizo said...

Send me a finished photo and I'll post it in the Fan Section.