Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ark Angel Tarutaru

Included a larger scale version of the scythe on its own, as there was some interest expressed. This is the first of a proposed 5 models, all to the same scale, which I'd eventually like to build. I've laid out most of the weapons already (as they're the easiest part). I may try building them first and uploading, as I imagine the same interest would be shown in them (all the Ark Angel weapons have that similar crazy look to them).

Still taking requests and whatnot. I've killed my FFXI content IDs, as I just don't have the time to play anymore, but I plan to keep making models. As usual, good luck with the build, and enjoy.


Ron said...

Thanks for the update, I fixed the link now.

.§h1N. said...

Thanks for your blog, I love FF ^^~ Uhm, can you give me the link to Kaizo,Ajido-Marujido,Tonberry Papercraft ?

Anonymous said...

Erm, anyone got link of these on host like filefactory, sendspace or mediafire? And the sycth is way cool.


Guillermo said...

Great model :P keep working jeje