Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Adieu, bottle of glue

Put this together as soon as the bottle finally ran dry this afternoon. It really is impressive how far a single $3 bottle can take you.

And remember, I am an officially licensed and certified madman, so don't try this at home.

EDIT: A friend reminded me of something I wanted to mention. I actually waste a lot of glue by pouring it out onto a palette and using a toothpick. That should really suggest to you the cost effectiveness of this glue.

Oh and for the record, the fire didn't smoke, barely smelled like anything, and I did not get high in the slightest way.

If you were wondering, the hats aren't pictured because I've been using a small bottle of the regular Tacky so as to not use up my Quickdry. Got another 8oz bottle waiting for another year of crafting, so...

Righto, back to work.


Sylph said...

Lmfao "Good times with fire"

I didn't think it would actually LIGHT. i was proven ver wrong lol.

Yngar said...

I approve of this. More things need to be put to rest the right way. Lying in a tub slowly being set on fire.

Anonymous said...
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