Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Video 5: FFXI Process

or: Why the Goblin Project is taking me so God damn long

Oldest method I know how to do, probably doesn't need explaining, but there it is. I figure those of you who learned about the blog through FFXIDats may be more interested in this than anyone else.

Again, the narration started to drift out of sync. Not sure what's going wrong this time, but whatever. It's close enough that it still makes sense...sort of.

As always, file posted on Megaupload is higher quality than the streaming Megavideo.


Folye's Model Viewer

Furniture Add-on

3DS Max 9 MQO Import Plguin (you're looking for mqoimp9_112.lzh)

Going to keep plugging away at the Goblins. To any of my testers: I should have your packs ready by tomorrow, I just need to make sure the necks/arms/hands work properly first.

Once I get Goblin parts out to my testers, I'm going to get started on the edits for Zack, try to get that released before the end of the week. I may also put together another short video on how to make a simple textured stand in Sketchup. Not sure if that's really anything anyone cares about, but whatever. It's easy and you don't need any game data to do it, so I figure people might want to see how to make their own little stands for other people's models or something.

Wonder how long it'll take the next copycat to pop up...