Friday, June 11, 2010

Corsair's Tricorne

Corsair's Tricorne

Second to last, a hat for a lucky pirate. Subject matter very dear to me.
Anyhow, last piece of the puzzle in less than 24 hours.

I feel the yellow teeth make it more authentically piratey.


SkyInBlue said...

Thak you very much ..[url=].[/url][url=].[/url].

Iggy_Bunny said...

i have nothing but respect and admiration for you for making all of this but i have two questions for you, where did you get that stand for the hats and what program do i need to open the files to make your hats?

Kaizo said...

If you're referring to the stand pictured, I uploaded that to the Misc. section of the MediaFire folder. It's a bit big though, so you might want to cut it down if hats don't fit it.
If you're referring to the big rack I used to keep them all on, I improvised that.

Now, to view .PDO files, you'll need Pepakura.