Saturday, December 11, 2010

Anyone want free stuff?

I don't want to alarm anyone (not that anything I say could really be alarming anymore), but I'm getting rid of a bunch of my stuff, and if anyone in the DFW (Dallas - Fort Worth) area, specifically Denton and surrounding cities, wants some pre-made models, I'm looking to empty some shelf space.

Anything I can't give away is gonna get burned, which should make for some very fun YouTubing.

Shoot me an email if you're interested. My deviantArt account should give you an idea of what I've got. I'm keeping a handful of the more "important" models, but a lot of the rest has just gots to go.

UPDATE: I've scribbled a list of the stuff I'm definitely keeping. Everything else is free to claim. (see comments)


LUBDAR said...

papercraft inferno

Anonymous said...

your keeping the Chrono Cross stuff right?

Kaizo said...

Yeah. Here's a list of the stuff I'm keeping. Everything else is fair game (and remember, this is more than just my own releases:

Lady Luck
Ceiling Cat
Both of my builds of the Highwind V1
Star Sibyl
All the Chrono Cross stuff
Gabranth's Helmet
Cecil's Helmet
FFXI Dark Knight helmet
The Fahrenheit
FFXI Airship
Courier Carrie
Both Cardians
FFIX Party
All three of my Dissidia models
The prototype stuff for the Goblin pack
Both smaller FFX dolls (Moogle and Cactuar)
The Prince (Katamari)
Plasmid Bottle
Marcus Bobblehead

Remember, anything NOT listed is fair game. This is the list of stuff I'm keeping.

Ralkai said...

Good, Kid and Harle are going to be saved from the Inquisition's bonfire. xD
It's a shame that I live over 8000 miles away...

Anonymous said...

ano... do u have the model of oion knight helmet? why it's so hard to find it.. ~___~

Anonymous said...

Are you still giving any of the finished things away? Or are they all burned?

Kaizo said...

They're still available, but I tossed them all in trash bags, so some of the larger ones have gotten a bit squished. We're having a yard sale this weekend, so if you're local, you can come pick up what you want then.

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