Monday, March 10, 2008

Official Request Policy

Every now and again I get approached about requests, so it's worth making a dedicated post about my official standing on this.

-If the model is simple enough, I'll do a quick layout.

-I make no effort to either simplify or upscale any model.

-I will not testbuild a request unless it specifically piques my interest and I decide to make a proper release out of it (meaning I'll still try to do as good a layout as I can, but some finer details just don't become obvious until you're actually building [tab placement, etc]).

-I am more than happy to play mentor if you'd like to do the work for yourself. I'll look over layouts, give suggestions, whatever.

-However, I will not supply raw materials to anyone who asks (as that is pretty much swapping copyrighted material before it's locked into the Pepakura format). If the model isn't ready to be made into paper, it isn't going to be made into paper.

-But, if you want to play with the texture on anything I've released, please feel free to contact me and ask. I'm more than happy to help you customize your own model. Gotta promise to show me the finished product though~

-Everything posted on my blog is free for everyone to download.

I've actually been asked to do some commission building before, but the combination of laziness, apathy, fear of getting sued for making money on someone else's copyrights, and anxiety over making a model good enough for someone to actually give me money for, has led me to talk every person seeking a commission out of pursuing the transaction. That's kind of where requests come in. Requests are easy enough to shrug off or half-ass. Not to say I will. I get unique requests so rarely that I take them into consideration more often than not.

As for limitations, I'm sure it's quite obvious I am willfully restricted to models from Square-Enix games. At present, I'm capable of doing almost any model from:

Final Fantasy VII - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII - Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy X - Final Fantasy X-2 - Final Fantasy XI - Final Fantasy XII

Chrono Cross - Kingdom Hearts - Kingdom Hearts II

As for "keeping the poly count down," I've never actually reduced the polycount of a model. If you're familiar with the papercraft designer Ninjatoes, he completely reverse engineers models to be simpler to build (if he didn't design them by hand with nothing but a ruler, pencil, and some markers [seriously, how much more badass can you get?]). Designers like Urashiman (who has been working on an FFVIII/FFIX model viewer/extractor...I haven't talked to him about it in a while), and Chamoo often build models completely from scratch, texture and all.

In short, I am not anywhere near as amazing as they. If the original model is low poly, the result is low poly. Again, anyone who follows the blog will be familiar with my Lady Luck model, which should give you a good idea of what it takes to make higher polycount models. I'm somewhat infamous for authoring massive models, consuming large page quantities. If that's not your thing, I'm ok trying to make a smaller model, but the smaller you go, the harder it gets, and the less and less I'm inclined to ever try building it myself (I just don't see the point in making models just to challenge yourself...I just want to see them on my shelf. Anyone who really pays attention will know that I am a slave to my origin [everything's bigger in Texas]).


Sam Weigel said...

Hey love your work and I was wondering if you could actually make some of those Shadow of the Colossus models public, or at least send me a zip in an email or something?

I've been looking for a way to get them for quite some time now and since I don't have the computer skillz to extract them myself, I'm stuck begging them from others haha.

Anyway, read in here that you had them, would be much obliged if you could help me end a quest many months in the making haha.

My email is if you need to contact me somehow.

Thanks in advance :)

Kaizo said...

I'm planning to make models of them eventually, if I deem it feasible, but I've been so busy with other crap, I haven't even had a chance to look over what Yazor sent me.

It'll get done...eventually...

Sam Weigel said...

Hmm, well that's good news I suppose, as you have a lot more design experience than me :)

Do you think you could still give me the models though? I'd like to play around with them in the mean time. If not I understand.

Kaizo said...

I only have the one model (as I said, it was given to me, not extracted by me), and it's in no condition to be played with. Sorry, you're just gonna have to wait.

Sam Weigel said...

No biggie I appreciate your time haha

Anonymous said...

i like your work (yeah, everybody says the same ^^ )
i see, you are doing lots of FF stuff, but i can nowwhere find something from FF8. I like to have a Squall :/ (very verry veeeerrrrry much) or Ifrit
The same goes for Devil May Cry. (Dante, Vergil, Scissors, Assoults and stuff like this)

Yeah well i´m a girl as you can see, and you propably don´t realy like, to waste your time with guys (propably ;p )but

could you still do me a fovour and make a file with one or two of these charackters so i can build it? oO

(sorry for bad english)

Kaizo said...

Well obviously I'm willfully restricted to Squaresoft models, though that could change if I could get my hands on some interesting stuff from some other games. Anyway, FFVIII models are sort of in limbo. Urashiman, whose blog is linked to on the sidebar, has been working on an FFVIII/IX converter/model viewer for some time. I'm not going to rush him about it, but eventually those models were likely be available.

As for Devil May Cry, it doesn't really appeal to me (mostly because I'm absolutely terrible at every game in the series), so it probably won't appear here. There are some simpler models of Dante and...uh...the lead from IV (as you can see, I don't even follow the series) floating around.

Anonymous said...

Thx for fast anwer.

Yeah, i have seen his side, but i am not sure he is with this ff8 stuff (although i must say, the airships are realy nice)
it loked somekind like "this will never be finished :/ " for dante, i have seen only a "cube" figure and the nero (protagonist from IV) well... i hate him ^^ he is a pussy

well well.... but thanks anyway. great website of yours (litle bit confusing, but lot of info and good link connections)

Anonymous said...

Was wondering if you could add Karsh, Nikki, and Guile to your list of Crono Cross projects?

Kaizo said...

Sure, but they won't get done any time soon. Got a lot on my plate, so I'll add them, but new requests always go at the bottom of the list unless they particularly pique my interest. Or if I owe you for something...

Larry said...

I love your work man. Currently building Sandy and waiting on Mindy from lunatics. Gonna do Lady Luck next and Terra afterwords. I am deathly afraid of the hair since i got the #1 killer of papercrafters... sweaty hands [sux]. Anyways i was hoping to see if you would take up Squall from Dissidia since i know that is relevant to what you are working on at the moment or on the side. It would look better than a blocky ff8 version. If you are doing this please notify me at

Anonymous said...

I've been lurking around for sometime now, and finally got up the nerve to comment on something, let alone request something. ^^;

But I was wondering if the ShinRa executive pack was still in the works, even if it was listed under the "would-be-cools" section, along with the Turk pack. I know a good many people who'd love to have them, and let's just say I have a soft spot for the resident mad scientist and a certain redhead.

I saw the finished Heidegger on your dA page, and wondered if there were more done, just not built. If that is the case, I wouldn't mind testbuilding. Can you tell I'm a die hard fan? Hehe..

Now that I think about it, this is more of a bump than a request. But I would like it all the same.

Thanks, and keep up the good work!


Kaizo said...

I'm leaving the rest of Shinra Corp. to Lunatic, as he's already done Elena and the Presidents Shinra. You can find the link to his blog on the sidebar.

VampArtemis said...

I know you have been playing around with Crisis Core models so I just thought of a little simple one you can do that I've been dying for a little replica of my own of..... you know those Genesis Clones w/ the scythes? Can you just make a little/or big version of the Scythe itself plz? It's much simpler than making the actual clone itself :P

Kaizo said...

That's the kind of request I like. I'll find the model and have a look.

VampArtemis said...

:D thank you <3

VampArtemis said...

have you made my scythe yet? i kno ur busy and all but i was curious

Marc Ferdinand said...

where do you get those 3d images that you use for papekura?..


thanks a lot!..

Anonymous said...

kaizo its oldwiseblack i sent you a few pm's thank you very much for your help

after looking at your disidia video and a little of an acsident when i was looking for soemthing else i managed to get it working and i was wondering would you consider doing a
jecht model from disidia (originally from ffx) ive looked at the gmo file and it looks good ill convert it to obj and try to have a look would you consider making it?

AaronVFT said...

Hi, could you make a Ultimecia papercraft too? Thanks.

Kupo said...

Do you think you could do a Dissidia moogle? The stem for the pompom would need reinforcement,
but the rest is mainly circles.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Kaizo said...

I've been playing around with it, but the truth is it's just as high polygon count as the others, but in a much simpler model, which means it will either need to be huge, or very difficult.

I may try to simplify it, but that won't be for some time.

Kupo said...

I guess I can wait.I wouldn't mind it being big, just not like 30+ pages.

Kupo said...

How about a Onion Knight alternate costume from Dissidia? I'm dying for a Luneth.

Feuer said...

Hey Kaizo, sup.
Name's Feuer, I'm a beginning papercraft artist. Suprisingly, my first build was your Cecil paladin. Before I make a request, I just wanted to show you an easy little papercraft you might want to build. There is a papercraft of Noctis Lucis Caelum from Final Fantasy Versus XIII available. Yes, number XIII. Just google Noctis papercraft. Ok, here's my requests (Don't look at all of them, just maybe one.)
-A Shinra Soldier from FFVII, With or without a rifle.
-If you can, maybe a Luneth from FFIII? I heard someone got a .bin file posted somewhere on /po/.
-Zell Dincht from FFVIII. I believe there's an extractor available somewhere with Google.
-I'm trying to remember the name of these, but the monsters in Genesis' hideout that were humanoid, but with spines in the back of their heads. They were pale grey and didn't have much detail.
-Armored Shinra Soldiers from FFVII. The red ones who had their own 1/35 soldier figurines in Junon.
-Zidane Tribal in Trance mode from Dissidia? (Probably not simple...)

Thanks for taking time to read these. Maybe one could be made? Or at least a .pdo file, right?
Thanks again,


Kaizo said...

I'll keep all that in mind, but at the moment I'm really not taking requests.
As for Noctis, Urashiman is a friend of mine, so yes, I'm familiar with the model.

Feuer said...

It's totally fine, I'm glad you replied.
Odd, someone german guy was taking credit for it... It's one of my three models I'm crafting right now, hehe.
Anyways, the guy who extracted the files from his FF3 Chip posted a mediafire download. It might help you with future projects, if you can find a decoder. Thanks for reading this again. Btw /po/ misses seeing your works.
Here's the address.

Kaizo said...

That "german guy" is Urashiman.

As for FFIII, DS models for Squaresoft games aren't on the table yet. Nintendo license games use a specific model type which functions with model viewers, but SE does not use the format, which is why the FF DS games haven't been papercrafted yet.

Also /po/ doesn't miss me.

Feuer said...

My bad, I thought it was someone different.
Almost done with Noctis, haha.
As for the models from FFIII, the OP on /po/ extracted the data, he's got it on an NMSDB viewer. We're still working on the textures, but when it's done we should be able to have our dream jobs sitting on our desks. Just thought you might want an update, it should be on page 0-2 on /po/.

Anonymous said...

hey, big fan of your work

Just wondering if you can make the design for FFX-2 - Celsius airship

that would be awesome

mila leonhart~ said...

Hey, I love your papercrafts, you're awesome!
But... can you do a Ultimecia? The Ultimecia from Dissidia. Pleeease?

Thanks, anyway! :3

Anonymous said...

could you send me a model of kh2 mickey life sized and make it a pdo and do some instructions?

Eu Tyto Alba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Eu Tyto Alba said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Filipe said...

Please make Kingdom Hearts BBS papercrafts! *-*-*-*

Eu Tyto Alba said...

I'd like to request a layout for a Crisis Core SOLDIER helmet, if you would be so kind. Since my bros forbid me from tampering with our PSP, I haven't been able to make an attempt, myself. :*(

If there isn't a detachable model for the helmet, then just the top half of Kunsel's model (2187 Soldier 2nd Class ???) would be perfect. Any scale, any poly-count, seriously.

In fact I wouldn't mind if you decided to skip adding glue-tabs altogether, as the helmet's for a cosplay that I've wanted to do pretty badly for quite a while. [inspiration]


Resa (

Anonymous said...

Heya Kaizo,

I know you don't have much time for requests, but I thought I'd ask nevertheless.

Even after many hours of searching, I still haven't been able to find a Kuja from FFIX. I'd prefer the original version if I could get it, but I'd take Dissidia vers. if that was all which was available.

If you could provide either of these, or tell me where I could find them if someone else has made them, that would be fantastic.

Amber Martin.

MV said...

So I've been wanting to make The Ultima Weapon From FF VII But I can't find one... I don't think it'd be that hard, and It could be used on your Cloud/Zack models

Generic Levitra Online said...

Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

Umm.. Can any of you make a female gunner from Etrian Odyssey II? It should look like the one from the box art. If you do, please don't make a cubey.

Anonymous said...

hi would you mind posting some of your meshes? realy i just wont to play with your sandsea moogle a good posting place is
im trying to put cloud up,itd just be awesome

Anonymous said...

hello how are you?
i love your work on papercraft,i wanted to ask you if you could make the life size "darker than black " mask as a papercraft.Here are some photos:

that would be MORE than awesome

xanax said...

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Anonymous said...

I really like this. I manage to make the Genesis' rapier thanks to you (Unfortunately, it was short lived... the rain melted it away.DX!)

I wonder if you can do request, if you do, can you make a template of the Shinra helmets? The one that Cloud wore in CC?

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the links to some of your builds do not work. Could you re-upload or is there a way we can order your plans via email or something?