Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Concerning excessively large videos

Ok. So. Yesterday I did the whole thing in a single sitting. From scratch to finished PDO, video documented, commentary the whole way, etc.

The video is 4 hours, 23 minutes long.

Needless to say, the Youtube option presents many difficulties. I am not averse to splitting the video into 27 parts (I did so, actually), but I am averse to the horrible, unintelligible blur that results when Youtube scales the video down. My primary monitor's resolution is 1680x1050, so nearly any scaling makes everything on the screen illegible, which is more or less unacceptable.

I realize streaming video is all kinds of convenient, but when you're talking about something wholly useless, done only to illustrate minute details, convenience isn't really part of the intended goal. Considering there are maybe five of you who actually care to watch any of it (and I should hope none of you are anywhere near bored enough to watch it all), and those five are probably the kind who can spare some hard drive space, I'm going to upload the video to the usual sources. It's still massive, so I'll need to break it up, and the process of uploading will take quite some time.

I'm going to make a new folder in the shared MediaFire directory and start uploading the parts (the 100mb limit results in about 20 parts), and upload in much larger chunks to Megaupload (2 parts, each just under a gigabyte) after the upload to Mediafire is finished.

If you actually plan to download it all and want to save yourself the trouble of downloading many smaller parts, wait for the Megaupload links.

I'll edit this post and add the Megaupload links once they're ready. If you want to start downloading smaller parts from Mediafire, just check the shared folder link to your immediate left.

I swear my voice sounds deeper in my head...


Haywan said...

You know I'm gonna be one of those watching the entire thing ;) Thanks for this, I'm sure it'll be very informative! (Downloading it from megaupload right now!)