Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Fahrenheit

The Fahrenheit

Sorry for dragging my feet with this one for so long. I think I kind of over-hyped it in my mind, so I ended up avoiding it for as long as possible. Not to mention I got sick about a week ago, and unmedicated, I'm only just now getting over it.

All in all, the build was surprisingly easy. That's not to say there aren't some incredibly tedious parts to it. But It's not as difficult as it might look.

Threw together a simple stand, because those of us who like to hang things from the ceiling seem to be a minority. Anyhow, I'm pretty happy with the finished product (and yes, the ring is free-spinning).

I'll probably start working on Cloud again tomorrow (or even tonight, as I'm trying to do the 'stay up for 24 hours to fix a broken sleep schedule' thing), which includes playing with some video capture. Apparently some of you actually want to watch the incredibly boring process of model editing and whatnot.

Be warned, faithful reader, I'm going to be talking. The whole time. There will be music to distract from my annoying whine, but the whine will be everpresent just the same.

I'm kind of looking forward to shoving as many bits of wisdom (or what I've deluded myself into believing is wisdom) into the whole procedure. Should be good times.

It's highly likely that I'll finish Cloud before my projected release (which relies on a fellow with toes made of ninjas...or maybe possessing the toes of ninjas...whatever), so the next release you'll see here is probably going to be one Mr. Wallace.

Almost forgot - Lyrin took the time to testbuild a smaller scale version of the FFXI Moogle. It's laid out almost exactly the same as the original (except for a few places where the scale allowed a few pieces to remain whole where earlier they had to be split), but at nearly half the size. The smaller version also has a very simple stand (not pictured), in case you're not inclined to aerial display.

I'd say the fact that her finished version looks better than mine, at miniature proportions, is proof that it's plenty buildable.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going to attempt to clean my apartment.

People may die in the process.

Pray for me...


Lyrin said...

Wow, that airship is great!
I've started FFX, but I still have to reach the point in which I obtain the airship. Prolly I'll do it then!
And, a dejà-vu! Now where did I see that moogle... :P
Keep up with the great work!

Unknown said...

The model looks great, but I'm getting a virus threat when I try to download from either site.

Mr. K said...

Well I've never had any complaints before and I know I'm not packing up viruses. Sounds like the issue is on your end, especially if it's giving you problems from two locations.