Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ready, set, go!

We're going live with the contest tonight. If you want to join in, or even just watch, direct your attention to the Ustream gadget to your right. If you want to tag along, get yourself a Ustream.tv account and send me a message to co-host. No webcam? Tag along anyway, just join us in the Ustream chat.


For those of you who can't get the sidebar gadget to work, here's the show's URL:

Oh and feel free to join in if you've got a webcam. Doesn't really matter what you're working on.


And the finish line. Sorry about the last few days. Got tired of messing with Ustream, and generally Chenille and I were operating on pretty wonky schedules, so it just wasn't worth the effort. Anyway I'm done, so it's back to work for me (gotta love how my definitions of work and play involve exactly the same activity).

By the way, Coupling is a fantastic show.


Anonymous said...

the ustream gadget to the right seems to be gone. it says "nothing more boring than live papercraft" and then it's a big blank spot between that and your deviantart link. :/

Yngar said...

Wooo go team! Hurry up and craft that paper!

Kaizo said...

Pump to the max!
Ride the burn!
Extreme crafting!
Et cetera!

Jouzu said...

so the project is finished. it would be cool if we still meet on ustream when we papercraft. it was a nice time and i had lots of fun watching and chatting.

Kaizo said...

Yeah. I don't Ustream stuff as often as I could, but when I do, anyone is welcome to join in.