Friday, December 25, 2009

Jack Sparrow

Jack Sparrow

So this one was obviously a Christmas present. Ended up pulling an all-nighter to finish the build, which felt odd, because I got over half of the model done in 12 hours on the first day of construction. Anyway, I'm fairly satisfied with the result considering this is probably going to get more attention than my usual releases. I think I could've finessed the pose (his legs are kinda wonky...) a bit more given more time, but I was working under a strict deadline (something I've actually never done before).

Anyway, he's the size of Lady Luck, and was really quite easy to build. Lots of details, but nothing too complicated. Be sure to get a piece of cardboard or something for use as a base, as his balance is way off.

(Closeup on the tag. Ahaaaah, inside jokes that only I get...and maybe the people on the interwebz)

If you check the Sandbox, you'll see that I've got loads of stuff ready to go, actually printed, sitting in a folder behind me. I wanted to get them all released today, but Jack took longer than expected, so I'll space them out over the next few days. Expect lots of little gimmick models and one decent sized release.

Finally, Chenille and I are still planning to have our FFIX party build contest over the break, but as I'm currently about 300 miles south of my apartment, I'd like to wait until I get home to start it, so we'll probably aim to start New Year's eve, or something like that. Keep an eye on the Ustream feed to see how the competition's going.

So yeah, Happy (appropriate seasonal holiday here), bah humbug, etc.

Stay tuned.


Skelekitty said...

I'm speachless! I never expected to see this at all, lol!

Anonymous said...

DAMN! That is freakin awesome! Great job! I'm so making one for my mom (also a Jack Sparrow fan) next year. Better get started now. haha.

CraftCrave said...

Thank you! This blog post will be advertised on CraftCrave in the Papercraft category today (look for timestamp: [10 Feb 01:00pm GMT]).

Rusty Walston said...

Kaizo I'm in the process of building your wonderful model. She's not so much a Captain Jack fan but a Johnny Depp fan. Anyway, I'm having a really hard time with constructing his hands, I've got the fingers and thumb done, but I'm having trouble attaching them to the hands. Any suggestions or maybe pictures?

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Jack Sparrow was an infamous pirate captain in the Caribbean.

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She's not so much a Captain Jack fan but a Johnny Depp fan.

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Papa Bear said...

Kaiso, I'm trying to download this, but I'm getting a dead link. Any chance you could email me the link?

-Papa Bear