Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In case it wasn't obvious...

If it wasn't already painfully obvious, I'm out of the game, so,
Consider this my official resignation. 

The site will stay up indefinitely, as will the MediaFire links, etc., and I'll still be around to answer questions and help out new designers and builders, but it would really be unwise to expect any new releases on this blog. 

I'd still like to do the big collection of tutorial videos I've been meaning to do for over a year now, so hopefully I'll still be able to make one big lasting contribution to the community.

Beyond that, you should all be familiar with my protégés by now, and if I can get them off their lazy asses (I'm one to talk), I should be able to pass on all my unfinished work to them. I'm always willing to take new creators under my proverbial wing, so if you'd like to get into this stuff, as regards the designing, or if you want to get yourself an unlocked copy of one of my old models for customizing, never hesitate to send me an email.

Apologies to anyone who is still waiting on one of the many models I once claimed I would inevitably complete. The reality is, they just aren't going to hit the market with my name attached (maybe with a credit for assisting, but that's it).

In all honesty, I wanted the Claptrap model to be my last great hurrah, but someone beat me to the punch, and did a rather magnificent job of it, if I may say so. So that's really the end of my designing career.

The being said, there should be a very fun video uploaded in the next month to my YouTube channel, so be sure to check that out.

zomgEdit: Here's them videos. Enjoy.

So if I might leave you with one last thought,
Keep it up kids, the community churns out amazing things every day.


LUBDAR said...

It's unfortunate you are throwing in the towel, I'd love to see more tutorials. Though I have yet to release a model, I've been working towards that goal, and hope to contribute to the FFpapercraft blog.
Good luck in your endeavors and I'll probably shoot you an email in the future to ask for guidance as i move towards extracting file info from other games.

But quickly I might ask if you know anything about ff4 ds model extraction?

Kaizo said...

Augh, Square-Enix DS models are a thorn in our collective side. See, most DS paper models come by using a 3D ripper through a viewer program. Nintendo licensed games all use this file format for the models, .NBMSD or something like that. SE does not use the format, so none of us can figure out how to get the models out. Shame too, because those DS models are perfect for papercrafting: heavy on the texture, low on the polycount.

Kaizo said...

Shit, son, just checked out your blog. Couldn't ask for a better candidate for the team if I drew up a list of requirements. And a Texas local to boot.

I'll get Zinarei to send you some stuff about joining the team. We'll need an email address.

Ralkai said...

No more Chrono Cross models?

I hope something happens that makes you to reconsider, I'll really miss the well explained tutorials.
If nothing happens... Well, ¡hasta la vista y buena suerte!

Tektonten said...

Say it isn't so! You will be sorely missed in the papercrafting community! Nice to know you will still be around to offer helpful hints from time to time.

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [30 Dec 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

LUBDAR said...

Texas locals!! I go to UNT's sister school in Fort Worth, (the Health Science Center) and I used to go to UTDallas over in Richardson/Plano. So you're not too far off.

Now for some questions of supposedly little importance...
1.) I was curious what last videos you were thinking of doing? [[Sounds strange but I really enjoyed the FFX, Crisis Core and Dissidia process videos.]]
1.b.)Has anyone done a FFXII video?
1.c.)In the future, is it possible for you to send me the Gilgamesh file you were working with?

2.) Have you ever worked with the battle.lgp or magic.lgp models for FFVII_PC? [[I can get the models into 3DS but the textures don't seem to be applied correctly. I thought Safer Sephiroth, or some summoned monsters hanging from the ceiling would be pretty cool..]]

3.) Do you know of anyway to get the FFVIII_PC models? I keep waiting for someone to come out with a FF8 model extractor or something. I saw on Qhimm's site that he had some viewer, I just purchased the PC version so I could check those out. Waste of money? I think not! Fanboy/Fanatic that's all.

Well, until the response/next slew of questions arises...

Kaizo said...

Yeah, send me an email, this is going to be entirely too difficult to handle through the comments of a blog post.

Michael James said...

that's sad to hear..anyways, thank you for all the cool models you've posted. hope you'll change your mind;P

Jouzu said...

Hey buddy,

thanks for all the tips and all the inspiration you gave me over the last year(s). I definetely understand your actual situation as i have some kind of the same.

You will stay in the mind of every papercrafter and your blog and tutorials will help a lot of newcomers to integrate in the scene!

It was a pleasure for me to meet and work with one of the greatest! :)

AaronVFT said...

Hi Kaizo,

It's too bad you're resigning from papercrafting. Thanks for your tips and tutorials. It really helped me a lot.

We won't forget you. It was a great pleasure to have met you.

Fezco said...

No shit.... man, I know I've been out of the loop for quite a long time now, but I wasn't expecting this at all.

I'm not good with goodbyes and crap like that, but you know you are the major reason behind how I got into the scene, and I'll do my best to live up to your expectations. Thanks for all the tutorials and guidance you've provided, I'll definitely put them all to good use, once I get back to building.

Good luck to you.. dare I say it... my mentor.

LUBDAR said...

As odd as it sounds I'm a fan of the tutorials. But I think it was partly the excitement of seeing someone else who is really into squaresoft.

Kaizo said...

Guys, jesus fuck, I'm not dying, I'm just probably not going to be doing any new releases. I'm still around like, everywhere I was before. Shit, I haven't released anything big in the last year, this cannot be that staggering.

Fezco said...

LOL! It just shows how much your fans missed having you around releasing models and all.

Theresa said...

Gaaa~darnit... I was just about to ask again if you could find time to make a SOLDIER helmet pdo. (You may remember this request from months ago?)

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Zongo said...

I just discovered your blog (a bit late it seem ^^)... looking on the web if someone did a paper version of the Orcish Warmachine -yes, i'm playing FFXI, an old mmo, but still here-.
So, i just wanted to say your work is quite impressive.
Very nice work :)

Anonymous said...

I've tried to download some of your FF12 crafts and i noticed the links were dead. I know you are out of the game but I would be so happy if you updated the links! Your crafts are al so amazing.

Anne O. Nymos said...

They're not dead, you just have to go to Kaizo's MediaFire page(linked in 2nd paragraph) to get them. The links that're dead are the MegaUpload links. In case you can't find them, the link is here as well:

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