Monday, January 26, 2009

Project List

Okay. I've reached a good place with classes back in session (even though none of my classes are explicitly covering Martin Heidegger ;_;). I'm not studying, but then again, I never really do. So I've put together a project list that I'm going to will myself to stick to.

Here they are, in order:

FFX - The Fahrenheit

I've had this laid out, printed, and ready to build for over a month now, and I just keep putting it off for other things. I've been wanting to build this even longer, so it's about time I finally got started.

FFVII - Cloud Strife

Ninjatoes is working on his Kingdom Hearts incarnation of Cloud, and I'm planning to have a version of the oldschool field model ready for his release date (that is to say, even if I finish early, I'm going to save the release for his date). I've been thinking about doing something special with this build, but I don't know if anyone would be interested. I looked into some desktop recording programs and ordered a webcam, so I'm now able to document the entire build process, from the original extraction from the game data to a fully built model. I can make a short series out of it for a YouTube channel. If you're interested in seeing something like that, leave a comment.

FFVII - Zack Fair

Similarly, Chamoo is working on the Crisis Core edition of Zack, so I'd like to have the field model ready for that release as well. It's my understanding that her model is proving to be somewhat difficult, so I may put off this build, as I can probably spare some time. All the same, I'm going to save the release for her date, unless she decides to scrap the project, or I finish everything else on the list first.

The FFVII Party:


Figure I should just go ahead and finish the rest of the party. I'll start with Barret, and work my way through the rest, in the following order:




and Vincent.
Haven't decided on a pose for him yet. They're both pretty awesome, but I'm not gonna bother with doing both like I did Sephiroth.

FFXII - Balthier

After finishing the FFVII party, I think I'll be ready for another Lady Luck sized project. Balthier's been a long time in the making, and it's well past time I just sat down and forced myself to finish it without getting distracted.

Chrono Cross - Fargo

After Balthier, I'll get back into some Chrono Cross models, starting with Fargo and continuing as follows:



and Glenn.
Haven't even started work on any of these yet, so the grey faces aren't indicative of anything, I just had the .OBJs handy for screenshots.

At this point we're getting into builds months away, so these next few may be subject to change, but I'd like to just sit down and get them completed.

FFVII - Tiny Bronco

This one's already in Pepakura, but the unfolding process is going to take particularly long. I may decide to go back and simplify the model more, but like I said, this is pretty far off, so I'll just have to cross that bridge when I come to it.

FFXI - Goblin Pack

This will be an absolutely massive project, as I'd need to testbuild lots of different body components and possibly poses. Like others, this has been a long time in the making, but I think I'm just going to have to force myself to get it done without distractions.

After that, I'm thinking of a few more themed packs, but those will be getting into the range of summertime, so nothing's set in stone. A few ideas I'd like to look into are:

Chocobo Pack
(from as many games as I can get my hands on)

The Turks
(including Rufus and Vincent's Turk incarnation)

Shinra Company
(the remaining notables of Shinra, including Hojo, Scarlett, President Shinra, and Palmer)

I ordered a messenger bag (as cliche as I think they are) to at least make some attempt at carrying all my books around this semester, so I'll be working on more sprites to stick on it in the meantime. I've also kind of...rediscovered my own love of playing videogames, so I'll take time out whenever I feel I need a break. If you feel like yelling at me to get back to work ingame, my PSN ID is Kaizo107.

That should give you some idea of what you'll be seeing here in the coming months.

So again, if you'd like to see the entire process of a model's creation, from extracting the original data to the finished release, leave a comment, and I'll look into recording the process with the Cloud model.

As always, comments, requests, and full-frontal nudity are welcome.


Anonymous said...

I'd love to see your process cause who knows, you might have a better way of doing it XD

Anonymous said...

good luck on the FFX - The Fahrenheit. Looking forward to what the finish product looks like :)

Anonymous said...

That's an awesome list you got there. Both versions of Vincent would be cool to have but if you only intend to do one then I vote for the sitting version. :)

Lyrin said...

I'd like to see the whole process too!

(PS: I finished the small moogle!)

Anonymous said...

I'm still wating for Tifa, Yuffie and Vincent. Thanks for awsome work!!