Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bad news, everyone

The tiny issues I've left unchecked have turned into massive, ravaging monsters, which appear to be burrowing through my PC's brain like horrible digital earwigs. It's gotten to the point where I can't even boot up outside of safe mode. So it's time for a scheduled lobotomy.

I've been updating the Sandbox, but it's mostly little things. The truth is, I started the AF helms out of some misplaced sense of responsibility, and they've kind of drained all my interest. Mostly why I avoided them for so long. They aren't difficult, it's just that dialing in on the scale is key and I really hate building a model more than once.

Both Cecils are ready for Pepakura, but it's the little monotonous edits, like fixing up loose polygons that should be in various components for the purpose of double-facing, or the stray line I forgot to delete, etc., that are making me hesitate to walk back into boredom. I got Tifa's edits done, and her layout finished last night. She's ready for build. I may take care of that while fixing my PC's unstable thinker.

So, short version: Apologies for the extended leave of absence. I feel I need to pace myself better, so as to afford myself other hobbies. I've spent too long making paper models while ignoring the video games they come from. Things like that. I'm also going to be running a campaign for my friends in the relatively near future, so I need to be able to take time out to write and plan. Basically, I've been out of commission for a week and a half, and it's going to be a few days longer before I'm back in the game. And after that, I'm going to be trying to do releases at a slower, but more regular pace.

Again, apologies. Thought I'd give you the head's up.


Rey said...

New visitor to the site. I know how demoralizing "0 comments" can be so I'm leaving one.

Looking at the Sephs (what lured me into your blog) I can tell you do a compete job.

Since this site is now being added to my Google Reader list I'll appreciate a slow but consistent drip over you burning out and no longer caring.

Perusing your work and looking forward to updates,