Saturday, July 11, 2009



Holy nuts! My first non-Squaresoft release! This should be a time of celebration, like with Lulu's Moogle, when I finally broke out of nothing but FFXI releases. It should be exciting, but if you go back and check the Lulu's Moogle release, I believe you'll see my reaction to that even was a resounding "meh." It's basically a sphere with some little ridges cut into it, not really a thing to get excited about.

Anyway, this is an original model created by the "Webmaster" (seriously, I looked all over and couldn't find a real name) of He's also done some incredibly (read: disturbingly) detailed Dalek models, which is what got this whole thing started. Obviously the Toclafane are from the three-part season finale to the third season of Doctor Who 2005 (sorry if there are any experts who refer to the "new series" by some other name, but I didn't just want to say "third season" and have people ask about William Hartnell). Anyway, it remains to be seen if I'll continue and do a Dalek model. It would need massive edit work to simplify.

By my best estimation this is roughly "life-size," as is demonstrated by the following picture of me making a fool of myself:

If you get bored halfway through, it makes a nice, but decidedly confusing hat. Here's sort of a nifty side-note: I started watching season 3 because, well, because I started with the last episode just looking for some good screenshots, but then it was in my head and I had to watch it all. Anyway, I started the build with Smith and Jones and ended with Last of the Time Lords. Took precisely the whole season to do the build (before you go mocking how long it took me to build a sphere, I was taking it pretty casually and went out for a walk to deliver the mail during Evolution of the Daleks). And yes, I take my mail down to the box on campus in the middle of the night. One: because it's been over 100° here every day for about two weeks now, so 1 AM is about the most pleasant time of the day, and Two: I have some really messed up sleeping habits. As if saying that I watched the whole season while building (and I guess it should be mentioned that I almost always do the finishing work and post releases right after I finish building) wasn't enough. I think I'm going to be purchasing some melatonin later today in an attempt to fix my broken brain (I'm already getting into that weird phase where I obviously can't tell what's appropriate to post in a release).

Anyway, I'll probably do another AF hat next. Maybe Yuffie. I've got an idea for Vincent's pose, should be nice and simple.

Stay tuned.

Oh right, almost forgot: if anyone's interested, this thing could probably be scaled down considerably and still be a fairly easy build. I'm not going to bother unless someone asks, but just know that the offer's on the table.


Edward said...

I just wanted to say that I am very happy that you made the toclafane!
It took forever to create, but I am glad that it turned into such a nice paper model.

If you want me to, I would be happy to simplify some of my dalek models. I greatly look forward to seeing more of your work.

-Webmaster (or Edward...whichever one's easier)

Kaizo said...

Awesome, I'd love to see a simpler version. As is, I probably just wouldn't even try to tackle a Dalek, considering how detailed you made them.

Keep me apprised of your progress if you try to tone one down.

Edward said...

what would you like simplified?
I know as is they are a bit of a handful, but that is mainly because of all the round bits.
So what bits would you like simplified? As you are the one who can make good papercrafts here...
Mine are a bit...delapidated:

Kaizo said...

In general, just try to bring the overall polycount down. If there's any section that has a high vertex density, and could be simplified to just be a flatter surface? Go ahead and flatten in. The rings around the Dalek's "neck" for example. Those can be reduced to flat rings. I'll just double side them as completely flat circles. A lot of the "torso" is ideally simple, so I wouldn't worry about that. Generally, just take a look at any section and think, "can this be a bit simpler?"

I would also recommend having a look at Tom Tallion's low-poly TF2 team if you want an idea.

On a semi-unrelated note, I've tried contacting Tom about his Prinny model, but he never returns my emails.

Kaizo said...

Ugh, typos...
I've only been conscious for about five minutes, so uh, that's my excuse...

Edward said...

well I seem to find myself in a state of a new computer, and it not being able to run my program to model editing.
With your models, do you do any of the editing of them themselves? Or do you just flatten them and try to make them usable?
Because if you only flatten them we might have a tiny problem of not being able to do anything until I get my head around maya (and with dial up & no access to tutorials, this is slightly difficult)

ou135 said...

both the links have damaged files
aka you gave us shitty links!

Kaizo said...

Well they work fine for me. Perhaps Mediafire just knows you're a douchebag.