Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Drachen Armet

Those of you who've had the misfortune of speaking to me over AIM, MSN, or whichever chat platform was the site of that horrible memory are well aware that I actually make a conscious effort to censor myself when posting here. On the blog, I try to keep it politically correct, family-friendly, and mostly profanity free, while in casual conversation my vocabulary is not so dissimilar from that of a syphilitic seaman (that is, I've got the mouth of a sailor). That being said, I can't help but convey to you a specific phrase which kept coming to mind while attempting to assemble this violet cranial accessory:

Horrible bitch-monster.

See, the Drachen Armet was one of the first AF helms I tried to build, and it's a lot of why I waited a year to try again (and waited another two weeks just recently to try and tackle it). The helmet is actually composed of four major parts, none of which actually connect to each other in a meaningful way in the digital model. When you build it, you basically have to add tabs to some spots that make sense, coat them in as much glue as you can, then sort of, cram them together in the way that seems most reasonable. The result is, needless to say, never very satisfying.

But it's done! I went a little larger on the scale than usual, and it still almost wasn't enough. This model has a lot of places to alter the arrangement to best suit the wearer, but that also means it has a lot of places wherein it can end up looking wholly retarded. I know it's a classic, and I know most people who want to build an AF helm at all want to build this one, but again, I caution you:

This model is a horrible bitch-monster.

All that out of the way then? Good. So, Where did we leave off? Two weeks ago? Ah yes, I was going to the Distant Worlds show at the Dallas Symphony Orchestra. Short version: It was super-happy-funtime-fantastic. Well actually it was like going to a God damn anime convention (I've actually never been to a "con," and I know it was more tame than that, but there were cosplayers and a gigantic screen with Guitar Hero.) Ough... Anyway, the show was great. I'll spare you a full synopsis, but I will say this: Arnie Roth is a man of much excellence and Nobuo Uematsu is the most wonderful type of genius: the kind with a strong, non-sequitur sense of humor.

So I've got Tifa all laid out, ready to build, and work slowly continues on the two Cecils. My PC kind of ate itself recently (seriously, never underestimate the value of good virus protection and always wear your e-condoms when visiting the "Four-Chans"). I actually got back up to speed in a night, then it ate itself again. Some weird memory issues, I think I took some bad aci~...installed some bad drivers. Anyway, everything's back as it ought to be now. Also taking some time to do a bit of housekeeping (I've got roughly 4.5TB in hard drive space, and a disturbing amount of it is occupied), and some work with my playlists. I think I may actually be near 100% on Final Fantasy soundtrack material. I can't claim to have all the fan-made stuff, but I'm trying my hardest to acquire (have you checked out "Voices of the Lifestream?" It ain't bad).

Anyway, expect a release by the end of the week at the latest.

P.S. - Have a teapot.



Anonymous said...

Oh, I was at that concert. I was honestly shocked at how many people were cosplaying or wearing jeans and a tshirt- in was in the Dallas Symphony Hall, for goodness sake, and tickets weren't exactly cheap- you'd think people would know to dress appropriately. Music was great, though.

Kaizo said...

Well there were only like five cosplayers, but yeah, the term "formal attire" didn't seem to enter into the minds of most of them. The show was great (though I have my issues with some of the solo vocalists), but yeah, it's always a little depressing to be reminded of who you and specifically who your people are.