Friday, November 14, 2008

Lady Luck

Lady Luck

Well, here she is. Standing about 30" tall, I'm quite certain this model was a way for the gods to test my faith. I've got a colossal rasterbated poster I really wanted to put together for the release, but I'm just about out of ink (understandably), so it probably won't happen any time soon.

As you might expect, after this, I need a break. If I can force myself to release anything in the next month, it'll probably be FFXI Moogles and FFVII Cid, but don't hold your breath. I've got school work to worry about before Thanksgiving, and some videogame consoles who are starting to get jealous of my papercrafting tools. Before I face some kind of inanimate revolution of sorts, I figure I should just try to relax and spend time with the games I neglect (ironically to make paper versions of the characters from them).

Anyhow, to the three or four people who might actually consider building Lady Luck: Good Luck, and I hope the instructions are useful.
To the rest of you: yeah, I didn't expect anyone else would actually build it. Looks neat though, right? . . .

If my suspicions are correct, I'm not quite done with paper incarnations of Lady Luck, and I'm not referring the poster I just mentioned...I'll let you figure out what I mean.

You may have noticed I've dropped the Rapidshare link. Well, apparently they've become even crappier, and will only allow 10 downloads without a subscription. So yeah, no more with it.

With that, I think I'll go do something about the pile of dishes I've been desperately trying to ignore since I started the build over a week ago...

Edit: Turns out I had just enough ink left to get the poster out, as well as a little 4-page Tira picture, just to fill some empty wall space (the plan was to eventually have giant posters of Paine, Balthier, and Tira. I figure that's a triumvirate of win, but it was a struggle just to find space to stick the Lady Luck poster, so I figured settle for smaller Tira, or settle for no Tira at all).

I think she makes a nice complement to Fran on the opposite side. Still planning on seeing Balthier in this arrangement, which should really help the whole "hermit-nerd paradise" thing I've got going in my apartment.

Anyway, back the dishes I'm still trying to avoid...


Anonymous said...

Agreed, rapidshare is pure crap.

Anywho, this is really amazing! Thank you so much. You can certainly expect me to be "one of the three of four" to finish this or at least start working on it this weekend.


Mr. K said...

Oh wow...

Keep me apprised, I'd love to see your finished product

William said...

I had intended to make the model, but now you've got me scared. ;) I managed the Auron one that Ninjatoes did, so now it's just a matter of seeing how complicated this one is in comparison. I'll probably end up doing it.

Thanks for the hard work on this!

Mr. K said...

Oh it's really not that bad. But I feel obligated to say,

If you're comparing this to a Ninjatoes model, you may want to wait about a week. You may be surprised at what happens next.

Armitag3 said...

Holy cr@p dude!!
You have way too much free time on your hands!! :P Love the craft! Printed her out but I am still too stunned with the detail to even think of starting.