Monday, November 17, 2008

Cait Sith

I'm beginning to wonder if I should check into a clinic or something...

Cait Sith

But then I'd end up in front of a crowd and say something like, "Hello, my name is Kaizo, and I'm addicted to papercraft."
Then Bob Saget would say something about it not being a real addiction unless you've sucked "toes" for it. Then some crackhead would tell everyone to boo me, then my Half Baked joke would run its course and I wouldn't know where to go from there...

Anyway, yeah, Cait Sith. If it isn't slowly becoming apparent, I've always had a thing for the Gambler job classes in Final Fantasy. Always wanted to model the Blackjack as tribute to Setzer, or maybe do his Kingdom Hearts incarnation. Then again, Nomura really messed with the character design for that one. And there's always FFVI DS coming. That could yield some really fun models. I still need to see if I can't get some OpenGL capture stuff going for FFIV DS.

Maybe I'll do Barrett next to get a little party going.

I would've had this done a little sooner, but I couldn't crop the photos for the instructions. A word of advice: if you've got Fraps installed and aren't using it regularly, disable video capture. Nothing like accidentally hitting F11 and finding out two days later that you recorded about 95gb of South Park running in VLC, and filled up the last free bits on the hard drive PhotoShop uses for scratch.

Anyway, I think I'm done with releases for least for the next few days. Requests always welcome, as usual. Contact me if you need anything, or just want to babble at a random stranger.
Whatever, shop's always open.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, if you made some DS IV papercrafts, that would be pretty awesome. Especially tiny little Rydia!

Anonymous said...

Do you have any specific characters in mind for doing next? If not, may I suggest Seph(in a different pose than Saneperson's), Rufus, and Tseng?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see some FFIV papercrafts from you too! It would be great!!! (Ceceli, maybe?)
Btw, Cait Sith papercraft is huge, isn't it? How many cm? Do you think it will still be buildable if I'll print it out at about half size? (not enough room to store paper models...)
Thanks! :D

Kaizo said...

Well I like going with this scale Sane_Person and Jamis set forth, it really takes all the pressure off me to decide on a decent size.

I really wouldn't recommend altering the scale (at least not in the smaller direction), as Cait Sith's arms were difficult enough at this scale. Also the folds of the moogle's face are pretty miniscule. Any smaller and they're liable to just turn into a crumpled mess.

Anonymous said...

Lol it's so funny how you mentioned the addict papercraft and that's it's not a real adiction unless you "sucked" stuff for it cause I just wached that movei yesterday xDDDDDD