Sunday, November 16, 2008


Remember what I said about taking a break, like...36 hours ago?
I'm a hopeless addict...
Anyway, here's Cid:

In my defense, I did do the lined version, on 65lb paper, which is kind of...relaxing?...ish?

Anyway, I made a point to scale him according to Sane_Person's FFVII models.

As in I actually whipped out the instruction booklet, looked up Sephiroth's listed height, measured my finished version and got a ratio. Turns out Cid's listed as being about as tall as I am~
Poor short bastard...

Apparently I lost that layout of the FFXI Moogle while cleaning up my papercraft folder. It'd really only take a day to get it back where I want it, but...laziness. You know how these things are.

Anyway, I might release something else soon, I might not. At this point, I don't know what to expect from myself.

Isn't it awesome how many pages you can get out of an ink cartridge your printer claims is "empty?"