Thursday, November 6, 2008

Deviations and Minutiae

Say hello to the new site mascot: I call him Harlequin. Get it? 'Cause Joker was Karaha-Baruha's personal guard? Then Ajido's? Joker...court jester...harlequin...
Oh why do I even bother.

Anyway, I'm not releasing the model, simply because I've already released the Cardian and this is just a custom texture. And as I've said, I'm happy to help provide the necessary stuff to make custom versions of anything I've previously released.

In other news: I recently opened a DeviantArt account so I could post a reply thanking Mr. McDermott for posting the PDO of his Bebop model, so I could modify the layout a bit. I figured, seeing as how one of the most responded to posts I've made was just a collection of images of my collection, DeviantArt would be good place to keep pictures of my finished models, without cluttering up the blog. Sure it's self-serving, camwhoreish, and utterly pointless, but come on; what is this blog if not cry after cry for attention. If nothing else, filling out the profile section was a chance for comedy.
Does anyone seriously consider themselves a "pornographic connoisseur"? Seemed like a funny title to me...
Anyway, I've got a DeviantArt page now, where you can find finished pictures of everything I've built. If anything catches your eye, don't hesitate to ask where I found it. I tried to include the names of the designers for everything I could, but if that isn't enough, I'm happy to help people find anything obscure.

With my little side-project done and a new ink cartridge, I'm poised to begin work on Lady Luck construction. At the moment, I'm trying to throw a makeshift tripod together to keep my camera stable to get consistent shots for instructions. If I can really push it, I should be able to get her built by the middle of next week.

On a side note: It has come to my attention that printing methods aren't entirely obvious. Every one of my releases includes a locked PDO and a PDF. The PDO is included solely as reference, to check corresponding faces and use a rotatable 3D model. I include PDFs to print from, which is why I go through the effort of making both lined and lineless PDFs. You'll notice (unless you happen to have the Final Fantasy Elements, Wolf's Rain, and Beech fonts installed) that you have a font-related error when opening the PDO, resulting in text overlapping texture, and oddly placed gibberish. The PDF has been printed and checked to be exactly as I intend it to be. Put simply:

Always print from the PDF, never the PDO.

And with that little public service announcement, I'm calling a night.