Monday, December 15, 2008


Get ready, this is gonna be a big one...


I got bored waiting for a clear favorite to be declared, so I went ahead and did them all.

Sephiroth - Book

Included a little joke with this one.

Sephiroth - Combat Stance

Sephiroth - Jenova's Head

You can't really tell, but I went in and grabbed a screenshot from Advent Children for the nameplate on Jenova's helmet.

Sephiroth Pack (all three of my releases, plus Sane Person's original)

So, that's the Sephiroth pack. So much for democracy. You'd think I'd learn eventually. Any time I ask for the opinion of the people, I get little to nothing back, and just end up doing whatever I want anyway. In this case it ended up being all three. Honestly, the FFVII field models are so easy to fix-up/lay-out that there's no reason not to do as many as possible.

Anyway, as you can see, there's a bit of a height discrepency between my releases and the classic SP model. Turns out by scaling that first Cid model to .14 of the height listed in the manual, I shrank all future models to just a little bit smaller than SP's. The field models are all roughly the same height, so there's not a lot of difference between Cid (5'8") and Sephiroth (6'1"). Oh well, still good.

So, I went on a bit of a binge a few days back and tried to get as much stuff ready as I could. I'm heading down to League City for Christmas, and I wanted to keep busy, but I don't want to have to print on my mom's printer.

So here's a preview of some stuff you'll be seeing very soon:

FFX Airship - The Fahrenheit

I really wanted to keep this one a secret until it was 100% built and ready to go, but whatever. Thought this one would be really cool as soon as I found it in the model data. It's already printed, ready to build.

Threw together a simple stand for it as well. Should also make the build process a little easier (give you a stable platform to work on).

FFXI Moogles

Finally got around to laying it out again after I lost my old one when I cleaned up my papercraft folder. Pictured is the custom texture I'm going to use for my build (you know how I am about black and purple...just look around). The model is the same for house moogles and nomads, just need to apply textures as necessary. This one's also printed and ready to go.

I started thinking though, the drive to League City is about 5 hours, and I usually pack my car with all kinds of crap. I really don't want to have to worry about delicate paper models getting messed up on the trip back home, so I probably won't work on the airship or moogle until I'm safely back in Denton (probably around the New Year). That means I'll be working on lots of models I've got in the works (editing the 3D stuff, getting them laid out, etc.). As such:

I don't usually like to do this, but here's a run-down of the other stuff in my "current projects" folder.

FFVII Tiny Bronco

This thing will build much more like the kind of model airplanes you might see in a hobby store. I'd like to try getting the big "Tiny Bronco" logo on the wing, as it appears in renders, but that's a worry for later. As you can see, it's still very much in the development stages. It's likely going to be massive, just to work around some tiny little polygons I don't really want to simplify. I may change my mind later, but right now it's set to be pretty God damn big.

FFXII Balthier

Still an ongoing process. I think I'm getting close to a satisfactory pose. Just need to clean some stuff up and get it all into Pepakura. Don't worry about his head texture, this is just a version I had laying around and used for a screenshot.

FFXI Goblin Pack

This is something I've been wanting to do for a good while now. As this blog can attest, I got started with FFXI models, because they were the easiest to get into Pepakura, and because GoblinGuy did his original goblin, and got me interested in making more. As such, I've always wanted to do something of a tribute to his original, seeing as how it's pretty much responsible for all the crap you see on this blog. So, I'm planning on doing a massive goblin pack.

See, goblins can be broken down into three basic components, the head, the body, and the backpack. Each component type has various permutations (standard head, mercenary head, poses for each), and each permutation has various textures (moblins, goblins, etc), but everything fits with everything else. Thus, if so inclined, you could stick a mercenary's head on a caster's body, with a moblin backpack. My plan is to lay out each component style, texture them with everything available (or just provide the base with all the textures), and let the end-user play mix-n-match to create whatever kind of goblin they like. Also planning to lay out a bugbear and some weapons for good measure. Everything will, of course, be set to the original GoblinGuy scale.

FFVII - Zack Fair

Speaking of tributes, as many of you know, Chamoo232 is working on the Crisis Core incarnation of Zack Fair. I figure it'd be fun to throw together the oldschool field model of Zack as celebration for her release. Like I said, these things are so simple, there's no reason not to do as many as possible.

Also looking forward to the imminent release of Urashiman's FFIX Model Converter. Chamoo seems to have called dibs on doing the player characters, but I'll find something fun to do.

I've also got a lot of requests for more Chrono Cross models. I'll likely look into Kid and Glenn first, then see where it goes. Proably get plenty of that kind of stuff done during the holiday.

That's about it. I probably won't have anything new to release until I get back around the end of the month, so happy building,
always open to requests,
contact any time,
blah, blah blah,

you know how this crap works.


Anonymous said...

I think that is fabulous! I would love to have one, or know how you made it. I apologize, I know you probably list more info on how you made it on the site, but I am in a hurry and have to go.. just wanted to let you know it's super awesome and I <3 Seph.
If you feel like sharing any info on your creations or saying hi, I'm ^_^
Really... fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

O.K. there wil be more comments in the future, in democracies sake

Anonymous said...

It brings back memories of graphics in the good old days, great work :) And I can't thank you enough for actually having instructions available!

Might I suggest, one of the laughing sprite would be superb :D

Lyrin said...

Wow, a big update!
I can't wait 'til the new year to lay my hands on that Moogle! :D

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank you for showing me this wonderful craft. I was looking for something for FFXI, and came across your blog. I was fascinated by the models, and have spent a couple of days looking through yours and at the links your provided. I just downloaded the mandy collection, and hope to get one done during my winter break. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

--Austineze (Sylph)

When you going to rejoin us in Vana'diel?

Anonymous said...

These are very great and all but, I am having trouble with them. Especially the pants and black parts. It's very hard to see the lines and the only way I can see them is with pepakura but, the pepakura model has something wrong with the different logos you put on them. Just wondering if anyone could help.

Mr. K said...

One: you need to download the fonts listed in the readme

Two: you need to consult the "folding guide" PDF. It has all fold lines outlined white, specifically for the black parts.

Three: you need to print from the "lined" or "lineless" PDF, not the PDO, unless you've downloaded the aforementioned fonts.

Anonymous said...

You should make some of the turks! That would be awesome!!! :)

Richard Brieva said...

does anyone know the intructions to make a papercraft septhrioth?

Anonymous said...

um... these are absolutly amazing, but i cant seem to dowload them. Everytime i do something about fallout comes up. can you help me? I would really love to make these.

Sephslover said...

They're awesome! I'm gonnamake them all. Thank you very much! ♥