Monday, December 1, 2008

An update of miniscule proportions

(Couldn't think of a related picture, so here's something cute by Capsicum)

I've been thinking about putting together a Final Fantasy Papercraft compilation archive for a while now, so here it is:


Part 1:
Part 2:

I get a lot of questions about people looking for all the awesome Final Fantasy models by other designers out there, and I've made reference to my meticulously organized papercraft folder before, so I figured it was time to make another big compilation. I would actually recommend using MegaUpload this time, just because the .RAR is in one piece (MediaFire only allows 100mb per file, and the whole thing is about 125mb).

So, short update on where my own projects stand: I was in League City all last week (about 300 miles from my usual location, Thanksgiving and all that), so I haven't made any real progress on anything. This week is "dead week," meaning review time, and next week is final exams. I'd like to get some work done on Heidegger this week (which isn't unreasonable...I've never been one to study), and maybe get him built this weekend. Once finals are over, I'm pretty much free 24/7 for a solid month, which means I'll be aiming to churn out as many models as I possibly can.

I still haven't gotten much of a consensus on which of the Sephiroth models to choose, so if I get there before any solid opinion is formed, I'll likely go with the battle stance. However, the field models are mighty easy to set up, so it's entirely possible that I'll try doing more than one.

Edit: Almost forgot. I've managed to convince myself that this would be really fun. Need to run down to a craft type store to get the necessary materials, but otherwise I'm ready to give this a go. After spending the week with my family, the bizarre similarities between housewife and gamer hobbies are becoming apparent. To them "papercraft" means scrapbooking. To us "cross-stitch" should be referred to as "pixel art." A little unsettling, but whatever.

First attempt is gonna be Setzer.


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