Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Back in action

Back from Houston, with a Christmas haul. Got a fancy new cutting mat (Gingher, ooh la la~) and plenty of materials to start playing around with sprite-stitch. Scored some new shelves (well, my mom found them in her garage when she moved in, was using them to prop up the Christmas tree, and let me have them after we took it down). Lord knows I can always use more shelves, and these are unfinished, so I may try a few spray-paint stencils on them. Attempted to make the Pirates of the Caribbean compass as a gift, but it didn't turn out so well. I'm not sure it's designed for cardstock. Maybe I'm just a failure, who knows. Also built Chamoo's new Vivi my first night down. Kind of went overboard on the staves...

I'm not sure I could ever buy Legos for myself, but I certainly enjoy when other people give them to me.

Anyway, classes start up again on the 20th, which means I've got twenty-one days to churn out as many models as I can. I'm going to be starting on the FFXI Moogle today, just because it seems like an easy way to get back into the swing of things. I'll probably finish the build some time tomorrow, then take the rest of the day to put the instructions together, so look for a release some time in the early hours of Thursday morning.

I got a few layouts done over the break.

Mojo's ready to print. Why Mojo? He's easy, and to a lesser extent, I always found him amusing.


Kid's just about ready for print. Still need to do the tabs and number the parts, but otherwise set to go.

Aerith's also ready to print. Went with the "flower girl" incarnation because it seemed the most interesting. Was a request, but really, I'll probably end up building most of the FFVII field models eventually.

Someone had the funny idea to try to make one of her getting knife'd by ol' Sephiroth.

Did I say funny? I meant horrible. That's a horrible idea...

A friend of mine wanted to build the baby chocobo as a gift for someone, so I thought I'd do a layout for them (yes I'm aware GoblinGuy did a layout of this as well, but, uh...yeah). It's got me thinking more about a long-term project I always thought would be fun: a massive Chocobo Pack.

Might do a testbuild for instructions and "release" it, might not.

Thought this would be funny. Little one-page Star Globe. Amusing monument to a useless piece of furniture (yes I'm also aware that it has an EXP bonus, but come on, has anyone ever actually used it for that?). I'll probably just upload this to the MediaFire folder; really not "release"-worthy.

So the moogle's up first. I'm not sure which I'd like to do after that. I've already got the Fahrenheit printed, but if I get a big response to build something else I've listed as "ready to print" in the next few days, I could be persuaded to change my mind.

As always, requests are welcome, yadda yadda yadda



Chrono said...

"I could be persuaded to change my mind".
Kid! Kid! Kid!
Have I persuaded you? lol

Lord Auron said...

I built the POTC compass for a girl I was trying to woo. It is a really tricky build but definitely buildable with cardstock. The trick is - DON'T FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS! Build it the way it makes sense to build it, from the inside out and with lots of zig-zag supports inside to make it very rigid.