Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Compilation Update



Updated the Final Fantasy Papercraft compilation. In case you're unfamiliar: this is an archive of everyone else's Final Fantasy models. Updated version now includes the FFIX party by Chamoo232, the FFVII models of Okaci, Ninjatoes' Kingdom Hearts Cloud, and a few other items.


Anonymous said...

You did remember to ask the designers if you could do that, right? ;)

Kaizo said...

Many of these designers are no longer active, and all of these models can be found on different aggregate sites. Every model is presented in exactly the same way it is found from the original download source, with, at most, a note from me on fun things you might want to consider about the model. There are links back to each designer's site or whichever aggregate link they were originally posted in. Everyone is referenced and thanked.

If any designer is that upset that I didn't clear it with them first...Maybe it's the lack of sleep talking, but honestly they can just grow up.

Kaizo said...

Having had another half hour or so to think about this while in the shower, I've come to the following conclusion:

If you're a designer featured in the compilation and are unhappy with the fact that you're referenced a minimum of three times per model, and your site listed specifically, please, send me an email asking me to remove you from the list.

I would also like to cite a few things: namely, you have no right to place your own copyright on the copyrighted intellectual properties of Square-Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. The majority of these items have been seen at one time or another on the /po/ board of 4chan.org. A bigger hive of scum and villainy, the world has never seen. If you're concerned about my honest desire to promote your models by making this blog into a hub for anyone interested in Final Fantasy papercraft, you may really want to reconsider where you allow your models to be seen in the first place.

That being said, I've done everything in my power to present a collective mirror of every Final Fantasy model I can find, to make it easier on the end user to obtain them, all the while referencing and thanking each designer more times than even seems appropriate, linking to their respective sites (and anyone who reads this blog regularly will know that I absolutely adore the majority of these designers), and giving the honest, unaltered, original version of each model, as well as any fun notes I've thought of, having built many of them myself.

If you really want your listings removed, please, send me an email.

And thank you in advance for being such a massive killjoy.

Kaizo said...

Wow, I can be a real asshole in the mornings.