Friday, April 17, 2009

Still not a release

(I've made some edits since the original post, you may want to consider scrolling down)
(The edits keep on coming, scroll down)

Sorry for the continual posting of stuff that isn't what you actually frequent this blog for.

It's about 4 AM and I just finished a paper on Rousseau's Second Discourse, so I'm trying to siphon off the excess "writing" energy. Anyway...

Fezco went and signed up on Blogger, so you've got a new site to keep track of if you're as into this Final Fantasy nonsense as anyone who checks this blog regularly must be. He doesn't have any models or anything up yet, but I'm highly amused with the back-and-forth we've got going in the comments of his first few posts. Worth having a read if you're bored.

(Also listed in the sidebar as the less awesome of two proposed names, the alternate being a subject of much dispute.)

I also wanted to ask if anyone would like to help me make a banner. I realize this is something I probably should've thought about addressing, oh I dunno, ten months ago? (I'm really going to have to do something cool for my one-year anniversary...) I'm not very good with the Photo-shops, so I never got around to tackling the issue. If you are good with the Photo-shops, and want to help me out, I'd be happy to provide finished photos and screenshots of PDOs and whatnot from whichever angles you need to make them look less lame.

If you're interested, there are many ways in which you might go about contacting me. Surprise me.

Oh yeah, and I got Balthier a gun about 20 minutes after making that edit. Still not sure about his pose though...


Got, I think, all the work done on Balthier I'm going to get done. I even managed to give him that trademark smirk. I would've liked to make the pose a little more complex, but my skills just aren't there yet.

I'm doing the initial unfold to match the scale I build my Fran model (that is, omg hueg!!1), which is comparable to the Lady Luck model. However, the FFXII models are really efficient. They rely more on texture shading and whatnot to give the effect of more detail than they actually have. Basically this means I'm also going to scale it down to match the original scale of Steph's Fran.

Call it pretentious, but I'm also going to do a new layout of Steph's Fran, as per my general method of horizontal bands. I may build her a second time at the original scale for the sake of instructions, so you have a pair. Might try to find her a bow as well.

On a sentimental note: It's kind of sad how blasé models I literally squealed over when I first realized there was a chance I could build them, have become. Now it's just "oh yeah, look it's ready to go." You know I thought The Fahrenheit would be my ascension to glory? Finally on par with my heroes. Or at least an attempt to be like them. Making an airship like Urashiman, how cool is that? (Not to say I'm doing anywhere near the work they all do) But what did it boil down to? I made all the edits and completed the layout in 2-3 hours, tops. The build? A weekend, just going about it in the same way I always do. Boring. There were people who were ready to declare me a god, should I ever complete Balthier. All the work I put into him when I didn't know what I was doing, it all seemed so...epic. But now, it's just drag and drop some textures, move some vertices, unfold, bands, blah blah blah.

I guess the truth is, even a job you choose to work for's still work.

Anyway, that's all for now.

By the way, you see my Sketchup template? That's what I do when I get the option to customize something, I make it purple and busy. I wonder if that says something...


Those of you who frequent /po/ may have already seen this: My first excursion outside of Square's domain? We'll find out. I've got a lot of other stuff on my plate on the moment.


And the plate keeps getting bigger...

Bane of my existence, I swear...

Maybe a Banora White will cheer me up...Gift of the Goddess, they say...

Consider it a taste of things to come...



Fezco said...

this would sound stupid.... but if there was a model that has a certain Kaizo likeness.. I'd say that Balthier model is a "perfect" representation.

Either that, or my complete lack of sleep this weekend is messing with me brain.


Kaizo said...

You have no idea how satisfying it is to hear that I resemble Balthier in any way.

God, how nerdy is that?

Anonymous said...

Love the smirk. As for a cooler pose, why not try to put him in his 'trademark' pose that he's always seen in in official art. With the gun on his right shoulder and his left hand beckoning you to "come hither". :P

Kaizo said...

That's exactly the pose I'd like to do, but it would make the inner part of his right elbow really messy. I may revisit this eventually, but in the meantime, I'm going to stick with the pose (I actually changed it a bit because his right arm looked a little puffed out, but basically the same).

Chenille said...

Hey! I have a bit of time lately! If you still need some help for the photoshoping banner thingie, I can lent a hand :)

I never actually did a website banners but I can handle photoshop pretty well so if you have nobody else in mind I would be very happy to help!

Good luck to conclude your Balthier! I'm happy you finished your gun and, about the part where you are bored of the job... at least your listening to epic video game music XD

Fezco said...

here's a funny little idea... how bout having that rabbit thingy as a banner, then have a scissor cutting off his ear... *well, the ear is already cut off anyway..... might as well cut off the other one*


side note: That's one cool deviant art accnt you have there Chenille

Looks like Kaizo has a candidate for making a banner

Kaizo said...

That sounds great, just send me an email and we can discuss any ideas you might have for the banner. I can supply you with an photos or screenshots you need.

Chenille said...

no prob! *start to hunt down email address*

Thanks for the compliment on my gallery XD I don't post much lately because of school and such ¬,¬ so it feels a bit empty :)

juiles - still forgotten the password said...

isn´t this enemy thing from FF Dissidia? oO