Sunday, April 5, 2009


Put together a few stands, made a new directory in the Mediafire folder.

The "small" stands are of the 7-pointed variety. The problem is, to make stands of that shape large enough to fit models with footprints like Cait Sith, they have to be so large as to be unbuildable. Or at least illogical. Anyway, the small stands will fit the regular sized FFVII models. The "large" stands are much simpler; just textured boxes. The nameplates will fit on any stand. I've uploaded more nameplates than I've already finished models for, but they'll all get done eventually...I think.

The stands are all hollow. That is to say, they have no bottom face. This makes them easier to build (especially at the necessary scale), but just as strong if you make them with cardstock. So as always, I advise using cardstock for the stands.

Mostly, making new stands is just a matter of browsing the game textures and picking things that look interesting. Imagination? I guess you could say...
I'll continually update the folder, so check it regularly if you like. I'll also work on making stands for other models.

My recommendations for good combinations:
(models with their appropriate plates)

Highwind stand, Cid model

Bloody Shinra Tower stand, "Jenova's Head" Sephiroth model

Train Tracks stand, Barret model

Temple of the Ancients stand, Aerith model

Battle Arena stand, Zack model (maybe Shinra Tower?)

You get the idea...mix'n'match as you please.

Oh, and remember to set your print settings to Landscape when printing out the nameplates.


ramza81 said...

Hi, thanks a lot for the stand. However I can't download the small stand temple of the ancient.

Would you mind rechecking the link?

Kaizo said...

There aren't any links to check, you're browsing files directly through Mediafire. The download works fine for me, and has apparently worked fine for 39 other people.

I suggest you recheck the link.

Astafas said...

please can you reupload it??

Kaizo said...

Sorry about that. Re-organized the MediaFire folder a few weeks back and forgot that I posted a folder link here. It's updated to the new location now.

Astafas said...

Can you explain me how to opened it i use pepakura viewer but it saying error

Kaizo said...

Are you sure you've got the latest version of viewer?

Astafas said...

i dont know where i can download latest version??

Kaizo said...