Saturday, May 16, 2009

Genesis' Sword

This is another one of those models I kind of did on a whim. Took only a handful of hours to go from idea to finished model, so it's lacking a few things. Mostly just too lazy to give it full blown release treatment. It's (not quite) life size. The idea was to go 1:1, but I did the layout at 3 feet long, then checked my reference material and realized it should be about twice that. That's a bit too long to be feasible, so I'll leave it here. Also, apparently according to the Crisis Core Ultimania book, the sword is officially called "Rapier." That's a bit lazy on Square's part, and the validity of the claim is actually a bit sketchy, so I just decided to stick with "Genesis' Sword."

I'll spare you all the little extra details of what else is going on right now. Finals are over, and I don't have a job (yet), so I'm going to "kick it into overdrive." I've added a link on the sidebar, I'm calling it the "Kaizo Papercraft Sandbox." I'll use that to make all the little incremental posts I usually tack on as Edits to major releases. Check it regularly (maybe even hourly) if you want to stay on top of what I'm up to.

Expect a few more little gimmicky releases before I get around to something big (Glenn or Balthier).


Remember those gimmicks? Like so~

Shinra Supply Tin

Did this killing time waiting for 2 o'clock. It's a box!
Have fun.



Anonymous said...

Why would 6 feet long not be feasible? Seems you could just add some internal supports to firm it up. Looking at the hugeness and complexity of a lot of your other models, saying a six foot blade is infeasible feels like a mammoth cop-out.

Kaizo said...

Well, first, thanks for your opinion. I'm glad my decisions fall under uninformed scrutiny. Really, tell me how to do my job more often, I enjoy it.

Second, when the blade reaches 6 feet in length, a single section of blade is wider than a page, and the handle portions, which already consume most of a page at 3 feet, would have to be split in ways that would make the finished product have seems in bad places, hurting the structural integrity, and making it look terrible.

So yeah, I'll just keep my massive cop-out, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Crisis Core sucks. What happened to the Cecil and Terra crafts?

Kaizo said...

Don't you just love the freedom of posting anonymously? Perhaps you should look around a bit more. You know, reading is a valuable skill. Combine it with the ability to comprehend and observe simple images, and blogging is no sweat!

Good luck with your adventures on the "inter-nets!"

Silver said...

It looks beautiful :)
And your comments were very amusing :) Thanks for sharing your talent, papercraft, and wit :)

I will avoid using anonymous just since it seemed to irritate you :)

Taylor said...

Wow, that's awesome. Are you sure there is absolutely no way to make the "sword" six feet? I want to cosplay Genesis sooo bad and make it super perfect. But I understand if there isn't anyway.
E-mail me if you can at since I have no account here and kind of gimme pointers? Really appreciated.

Anonymous said...

hey, I d/l'ed the Rapier file, I try to open it, but it causes a wierd glitch in Pepakura Designer 3. Which causes it to rapidly and constantly close after a second of loading up and then restarting. I tried to load it in Pep Designer 2, but it wont accept the file. Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

FF VII is one of my favorites especially because of Zack TT____TT

Beliacoslay said...

Thanks for sharing, i love this sword so much
Do you have the Cissnei´s shuriken and Yuffie´shuriken in pepakkura file? I am very interesting in the two shurikens