Monday, May 4, 2009

Dissidia Enemy Icons

Updated, scroll down.

Dissidia Enemy Icons

This is maybe a half-release at best. Obviously the big news is Dissidia models are now on the menu. Anyone who's checked the "Official Request Policy" or "Working Project List" recently may already know this, as would anyone clever enough to recognize the images added as edits in my last post. Did these as kind of an introduction to Dissidia models. They're all small, page number-wise, only half a page in some cases. I've been playing Dissidia a lot lately, and this just seemed like a fun thing to do. Did some basic instructions and included PDFs and whatnot, just because there are a fair number of them. No fancy coverpage or anything though, these just aren't big enough for proper release treatment (also because there's no concept art of them, and I really didn't want to see a name as underwhelming as "Enemy Icons" on a coversheet).

Also made some simple stands, as I know plenty of you don't like going with the more awesome aerial display.

Perhaps equally important news: Crisis Core models unlocked. Did a good ol' Banora White as another "intro to a new game" sort of thing. This one I'm not even going to bother with a PDF. It's a single page, so I'm just going to stick the PDO in the shared Mediafire folder. It's approximately life-size to a real apple, and is simple enough that I don't think it needs any sort of instructions.

Enjoy your gift of the Goddess.

In other news, you may have noticed the fancy new banner. I've been wanting to make a banner for quite some time, but due to a complete lack of proficiency with the Photoshops, I never really got anywhere with it. Thankfully, a reader by the name of Chenille was willing to help me, and produced something of the highest caliber.

Asked her to inclued a PSD with just the title layer (with Usagi holding the P in Papercraft, how freaking awesome is that?), on a simple gradient (same gradient as my Pepakura Designer background, if you hadn't noticed, also awesome), for use as a link icon. So, if you're a reader and also a Blogger of some kind, and want to link to me (thank you for that), and want to use an image for said purpose, go ahead and use the above, scaled to whatever size you like. I think there were too many conjunctions in that sentence...


So Chenille offers to make me a banner as an act of charity. Little does she know, I pay back my debts. In return, she got a release of her choosing, and I said I wouldn't take no for an answer, so...

First proper Dissidia release will be Terra (or Tina, if you like). She was quite adamant about using the green haired version, so I'll be building in that (also because I prefer it as well), but the difference is just texture, so as usual I'll include the alternate for those of you who prefer blond.

(Larsa will get done eventually, it's just I can't get my hands on any new FFXII models at the moment. To the person to whom this is addressed: you know who you are.)

After Terra, I'll start working on my own character of choice: Cecil. At the moment, I'm using the pre-posed stuff that you see on the battlefield alongside the enemy icons, but to make the Paladin complement, I'll need to get into some other stuff. Don't worry, a Cecil release can never be just one model.

I've also jumped ahead of schedule with the order of my Chrono Cross models, and am nearly done with Glenn. This one's another request, for a friend who asks me if I've done it yet about every other weekend. So to get her off my back, and because it took all of about 2 hours to get him into Pepakura (honestly, if I was getting paid for this stuff, didn't have to worry about doing anything else all day? I could churn out models faster than you could believe), he'll be making an appearance fairly soon. If you're curious: the sword he's holding isn't anything from Chrono Cross. The model extraction method is still fairly experimental, so weapons are out of the question. I just did a custom texture for an Ancient Sword from FFXI. I figure it looks decent, the requester approved, so that'll be his accessory. I know nothing short of the Einlanzer is appropriate, but I just can't pull it off. If anyone out there is working on an Einlanzer from scratch, let me know, because that would be pretty God damn awesome.

And of course, Balthier is sitting at about the same level of doneness. This week is the last before final exams, and I've yet to find a job, so rest assured, he'll get done soon. I've just got a gauntlet to run first...

I'll try to get as many models done as possible before I find some employment. Give it about two weeks, and I'll make up for this dryspell. Promise.

In related news (related to school work, not papercraft): a few friends and I made fools of ourselves in public for an assignment in Japanese. I'll let you guess which one I am, for two reasons. One: if you're bored enough to watch it, you've also probably been bored enough in the past to watch videos I've posted here, and can probably recognize me by voice alone; and Two: if you don't recognize me, I'll be spared some shred of what remains of my dignity.

(video won't be up until this weekend, but I figured I'd get this all typed out now. Check back if you really want to see me make an ass of myself...)

Ahh college, this is money well spent.


Did these layouts while procrastinating about writing my papers. Built them after I finished the last paper today. Just some one-pagers thought you might enjoy.
(Oh who am I kidding, I did them because I'm nerdy enough to enjoy them.)

Zack's Phone

Texture's really low resolution, so it looks pretty blurry, but whatever. It's a gimmick model that takes all of 10 minutes to build. Decide how you want to glue it (open or closed). You may want to utilize my wire method, from the Treasure Chest instructions to make it a proper flip phone. It's roughly life size to a real phone.

Banora Juice

Genesis' claim to fame. Sorry I couldn't make it closer to "life size" The volume/surface area ratio for cylinders isn't great when you want to keep the top and bottom part of the same piece. Again, it's just another silly gimmick, takes maybe 5 minutes to build, and that's if you're being really careful.

Buster Sword

The Crisis Core version of the Buster Sword, another one-pager. Don't think it really needs explanation. I'll try to follow this one up with a two-pager of Genesis' sword later. I could probably try to make a life size version a bit later.

Stay tuned, I've been watching Doctor Who again, and I know a real simple build that would be kind of funny.


Added a new page on the sidebar, calling it the Kaizo Papercraft Sandbox. I'll be using it as a regular updates page, just to give you a glimpse on what I'm working on. I'd rather not have to keep making edits like this, so I'll just use the sandbox as an intermediary between major posts.


Anonymous said...

Wow, this is awesome. I'm looking forward to the Terra papercraft. Might I ask how big these Dissidia models will be?

Mr. K said...

Not sure yet. They're PSP models, so they exist between the sometimes-over simplified PS1 models, but stop with the polycount before they get to PS2 era graphics, where designers stopped relying on having quality texture in favor of ridiculous mesh detail. I haven't tried unfolding or building anything yet, apart from the enemy icons, but to venture a guess, I'd say somewhere between the moderately sized FFVII/Chrono Cross models, and the colossal FFX/X-2/XI models.

Say...roughly a foot high on average?

Juiles said...

oh, so i was guesing right with the enemy icons ^^
it´s good to hear, that you are goihng to do some of the dissidia charackters. although i dont like tera (ugly fashion style ^^ )

the banner is really nice by the way!!!

Cotton Eyed Joe said...

Good luck in your exams. :)

Mr. K said...

It's not the exams I'm worried about, I kick ass when it comes to actual tests.

I'm worried about the pair of 10-15 page research projects I have to get done in about a week's time.

Did I mention I haven't read any of the material? Yeah...this is gonna be loads of fun.

By the way, don't ever major in Philosophy. Don't. Ever.

Fezco said...

Holy..... woah, when you said you were getting sidetracked becoz of the banner.... I wouldn't have imagined how awesome it was to begin with. Awesome job Chenille, awesome job.

Great release as always, and a massive one at that. Looking forward to that Paladin guy.. er Cecil? Sorry clueless about the new games.

I better hurry up with my own stuff... summer is almost over for me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, a Cecil papercraft in the works? I can't wait for that to be finished (both versions). :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome to do list you got going. :) Is the Banora White a sign that we may get to see a Genesis or Angeal in the near future? Or any other CC characters for that matter. I'd kill a for an epic Seph or Reno pc. :P

Mr. K said...

You've got the basic idea, yes.

Lyrin said...

I'm really, REALLY, waiting forward to getting my hands on Cecil. Both the versions.
By the way, I hope someone will be able to rip from the FFIV DS game... I love the super deformed look of the game!

Mr. K said...

I think everyone would like to see the SE DS models opened up. Problem is, most DS games (or at least the ones you see models extracted from) use a specific file format with their models (namely .NSBMD). With this format, you can just open the ROM, snatch the files out, open them in a model viewer, and rip with stuff like Ogle.

Well, it seems to me the only games that actually use this format are Nintendo proprietaries (Mario, Nintendogs, etc.). Square-Enix titles don't use the file format, so they don't work with the model ripping process.

I've talked to some people about this, but the simple answer is that to get those models, someone's going to have to go in and check out the ROM line by line until they find what looks like 3D model data.

No one's really scrambling to volunteer for that...

Kaele Desu said...

I love this papercraft *o*
FFVII Love it really, Ill do them
mm ...may I post your FFVII papercraft models on my blog...sure you will have you credits!
thanks a lot :3

Mr. K said...

Post like, a link with a picture? Pictures of your own finished builds? Either way, sure, just include a link back to me if you'd be so kind.

Also send me photos of your finished builds and I'll post them in the Fan Section.

Kaele Desu said...

sure! I was thinking on that
and about sending pictures of the modelds finished......sure! I will
and thanks :3

eh...I have a question...."just include a link back to me if you'd be so kind" I dont understand that u.u
sorry my english isn't exellent

Kaele Desu said...

you mean that I include a link to your blog?

because if it is that I'll do it :3