Sunday, May 31, 2009


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First Dissidia model, and I must say it was an interesting one. Not to scare you (it's only scary if you've actually tried to build her), but the whole thing reminded me of Lady Luck. The models are of similar complexity and detail, both have crazy hair that consumes about half of the frustration of the build, etc. I would recommend 65lb for this one. Probably continue to build the Dissidia models on 65lb, just because they're detailed to the point that 110lb is going to make things more troublesome than they're worth.

The scale is set. She's big, but not "hueg liek xbox." I think it's a good scale. It's a bit challenging, but certainly not impossible, and looks good next to decently sized models on a shelf. All the rest of the Dissidia models will be at the same scale (meaning most of the models will be a bit larger, but you get the idea).

No lined version this time, because I'm doing some funny things with the parts. New system for double-siding things, which you may have already seen if you've done Genesis' Sword. Anyway, I don't think a model this detailed should be folded anyway. Both costumes are included, in case you're curious. I just prefer the green haired version to the classic Amano-blonde.

In mildly related news: I've been trying to update the Sandbox as frequently as is appropriate. You may have noticed that I re-did all the links to use icons instead of just text. If you're linked here and don't like the impromptu icon I made (had to just use screenshots of banners in many cases), then please, send me a link to the image you'd prefer I use. Briefly considered changing the layout to 3-column, but I think this works.

Also: Added a new Bonus Question, and it was answered quite rapidly (still nothing on the first question though). The reward chosen was that I bump Balthier up on my to-do list. So, no more distractions. Balthier will be the next release. If I get him done fast enough, I may have time to do something interesting for my one-year anniversary. Kinda scary, but in less than two weeks, I'll be hitting that marker.

Gotta think of something really awesome...

Anyway, back to it. No rest for the wicked, etc., etc..

Seriously, a billboard? The first time someone brought up the Greek word τέρας, I would've said "Yes, totally. That is exactly what I was going for when I decided on the name. Good show, nothing lame about it at all, certainly not like I was a windowless office away from naming her Stapler."


Startling developments...
(not the detective agency)

While altering the layout and scale of Steph's Fran, groaning about how scary the model is in general, it occurred to me that she has two right ears. On the left, you see the layout as it was originally released, and on the right is the PDO. The fact that the old release was done in single images suggests that the layout was altered in Paint or Photoshop to mirror that specific section, giving her a left and right ear.

The short version is, I'm not doing a new layout for Fran, it's just too much trouble, and without the original 3D model to modify, I can't guarantee that the finished product would be of any quality. So the question is, which scale should I go with for Balthier? I could try to match the original Fran to make them match, or I could make a giant model to match the version of Fran I built, or I could just stick with what I've already got laid out, which is comparable to the Dissidia models.

Even shorter version: I already have a layout I like, at a decent scale, and this project has given me so much trouble that I'm not changing it when I'm so close to the finish line. Maybe I'll do a brand new Fran when I can get back into the FFXII models after the viewer is modified.

I'll be starting the build tonight, and will try to do as much of it live via Ustream as I can. Expect the release in a few days.


Jim said...

Lovely. I'll get on this as soon as get ink for my printer.

Kratos said...

Thank you Kaizo!!! *Does a happy dance while waiting for Balthier.*

Maria Paula said...

absolutely amazing! I'm building her right now and wow, it's totally worth it! thank you so much for your wonderfull work. May I ask you a question? will there be any other Dissidia characters to keep Terra company? I'd looove to built tail boy Zidane and the gang n_n

Kaizo said...

You should check out some of the other stuff around the blog, like the Sandbox, Project List, and some of the videos.

Both versions of Cecil are just around the corner. The Dark Knight version is ready to go, just needs to be built. The Paladin is still in progress, but it should really only take a solid day to lay him out.

If you watch the Dissidia Process Video, I make an appeal to the community for us all to co-author the entire cast.

So yes, there are several more I'd like to do.

Kaizo said...

Also, Chenille pointed out while building that I built mine wrong. In the instructions, I inverted her cape. Keep that in mind.