Saturday, June 13, 2009

A year and a day?

Temple Crown

Hey look, another one. Monk AF/Relic this time, nice and simple, it's just a hoop. Both textures, even has an extra piece to make it adjustable (well adjustable until you figure out exactly how big it needs to be, then glue it down making it permanently sized >_>).

Made a katar as well. Two reasons. One: I'm a colossal nerd and, Two: My Spellthief is using them in our current campaign (I thought this might go too far on the nerd-scale, but the host and fellow who talked me into joining their group said nothing is too nerdy, and the GM simply said "get that shit done," when I mentioned the idea). I'm the only papercrafter in the group, so I'm always looking for silly little ways to try to persuade the rest of them to give it a shot. I can post it a bit later if anyone's interested.

Bit of a sidenote: I'm going to be rearranging the shared MediaFire folder. Organize it according to game. Little bit too jumbled just having everything in there alphabetically.

Interesting that I did another AF helm, eh? Wonder what we'll see tomorrow...


Fatamorgana said...

please upload that katar papercraft :D