Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wizard's Petasos

Wizard's Petasos

Sorry about the delay on this one. I know I basically said I'd have several releases for Monday and Tuesday, but I helped a friend move Monday, then ended up hanging out at the new place until about this time Tuesday (it's Wednesday morning, but for me this is basically Tuesday night; I have a really messed up sleep schedule). Bit more fun than some simple circles, figured I ought to do something substantial to make up for the belated release. Also included the Ark Angel Tarutaru's hat texture for this, since it's the same model.

I forgot to mention with the Chapeau release that the little double-sided, double-tabbed bits are optional. If you've been reading long enough, you know I'm a Tarutaru at heart, and our AF don't have those odd little accents. But I'm working with the Hume versions of every helm, just because they represent the norm and the majority, and you don't have to have been reading long to know I'm not one to make any unnecessary changes to a model. The hats look decent with them, but are definitely easier without. Up to you.

Get it? Robe? Wizard hat? Ahaaaaa!

Anyway, I'll probably do some simple ones later today. Expect the Warrior and Ninja masks, hopefully by this time Thursday at the latest.