Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gallant Coronet

Gallant Coronet

So by now you're probably starting to notice a trend. Yeah, the plan is to do all of them (and probably some extra stuff too). About two weeks back I was hoping to release them all at once on the anniversary, but procrastination, laziness, and other models kept making that deadline inch closer and closer with no work to show for it. Well I finally decided a good idea would be to start with the Chapeau, since that's really the first one I posted in that fateful thread one year ago, then release a new one every day following.

Well there are a few problems with that plan. First off, it would mean 20 days until I could do something else. Now, that probably sounds great for FFXI fans, 20 days of AF helms. For anyone else, though, it means nearly a month until Cecil or Tifa, or whatever else I might do in that time. For me, it means almost constant work. I'd need to be releasing a new model every day for nearly a month. That doesn't sound very fun, considering they're all basically the same when it comes to editing. Easy, but monotonous.

So here's the new plan: I release new AF helms whenever I feel like it. Yes that sounds like a horrible plan, but in practice it means I'm going to release like three in one day, then go a few days without any releases. You can't tell because the picture's cropped, but I took the picture above about an hour after taking the picture with the Katar. These simple ones take all of 10 minutes to build (and only because I'm taking step-by-step pictures for the instructions) and only a bit longer to edit and lay out (I saved the post for today rather than posting last night to build up the whole "what's gonna happen tomorrow" effect, apologies).

The plan was actually to do the Black Mage hat yesterday, then probably something cool today, but I finally got ahold of Bioshock (yes, I realize how behind the times I am), and as predicted, I was instantly hooked. Wasted all the time I'd planned to spend working on the Petasos wailing on Splicers and getting my ass handed to me by Big Daddies. Thus, you get releases that take 30 minutes to get from start to finish, just so I could say I released something for the 1-2-3 effect.

So I'll probably have another release (or two or three, depending on which) for tomorrow afternoon (no work today, Game Day - actually writing this Saturday night, setting for auto-post), and possibly Tuesday. After that, I'll try to get back to work on something more substantial.