Saturday, June 6, 2009



Well, here he is, over seven months in the making (not that I was actively working on him all that time). The scale's not quite what I expected, but given how finicky FFXII model data is, I don't expect him to be part of a set any time soon, so I'll worry about scaling when I make any future XII models. I'm pretty happy with the result, considering I'm so accustomed to the lazy "design" work of running posed models through Pepakura. He kind of ended up with a beak in my build, but don't worry, that's because I didn't preshape that part of his face right, not because the model is flawed.

Tried something new with this build, namely broadcasting the entire build live on (you can find a gadget in the sidebar to your left, all 8 parts of the build video have been saved and are accompanied by the audio to the Doctor Who episodes I was watching while working. It's not a tutorial, it's not exciting, it's not even time-lapse. It's just what an honest build process looks like (i.e. boring). There's not much purpose in broadcasting a papercraft build, but the curious thing is it seems to take no toll on my memory or bandwidth, so I figure why not. While the broadcast is running, viewers are more than welcome to join in at the chat room or with their own webcasts. If you care to join in next time, it would definitely make the process less boring.

So this marks the release of the longest running project I've attempted so far. Similarly, June 12 marks the one-year anniversary of starting the blog (just 6 days away). I'm not sure what to do to celebrate just yet, but I do know I'd sorely enjoy a break.

Glenn's nearly ready for build, as is that Toclafane model I was toying around with. Got some other projects in the works, as usual; Hopefully I can come up with something fun for the anniversary. No rest for the wicked, etc.. As always, requests, comments, blah blah, always welcome. You know how this works.

Now if you'll excuse me, I think I'm going for a walk.


Juiles Nevada said...

finaly, after a few thousand years he is finished ^^
congratulations. you are mre than happy, arent you? ^^

he has a lot of very small parts, but i like detailed models like that
(squint at my cat that is steeling food .... it is fat... big fat cat)

somehow your printer isn´t the best? the colors coud be more .. know what i mean ^^


well done

Kaizo said...

There's nothing wrong with my printer. Balthier isn't supposed to look like a rainbow.

Juiles Nevada said...

bleeh ;p

i meant the contrast. the whites a litle bit whiter, greens litle bit greener, the shadows litle big blackier (yay, i created a new word)
or the sharpness. (perfect would it be like here:

i mean, than it would be perfect.
but its hard to get such a result

Fezco said...

When I built LeBlanc I didn't preshape any parts of her face, and she turned out quite nice. Then again, she was in a bigger scale so the parts were easier to glue together.

I'll try my method on Balthier's face parts, maybe it would yield the same result as with my LeBlanc. I can only work on Balthier during the weekends though... classes are now back in session -_-

Also... awesome job on the elbow! Did you delete any vertices, or just moved them all to get that effect? (wow, that sounds familiar)

Kratos said...

Awesome Kaizo! and I thank you for bumping him up the list and finishing him so quickly. :)

Franklin De Boa said...

I dont know if you are still over here, but Id like to have balthier model and i cant get it because both links are broken. Id be glad if to have it. my e mail is . Thanks a lot