Sunday, September 6, 2009

Convention Report: Anime Fest

So, as mentioned early this morning, I attended Anime Fest today. My first adventure into this whole "convention" hullabaloo, and I must say, it was a unique experience. I have to admit, I spent the first hour or so in complete shellshock, attempting to rationalize the utterly inane things around me. Honestly? It was a lot like being tossed into ice-water and trying to swim to the bright shores of sanity. It takes some time to acclimatize.

Anyhow, once I stopped screaming every time a man in a full body, anthropomorphized fox suit and samurai outfit passed by, it wasn't an entirely unpleasant experience. We didn't do much beyond meander through the vendor's booths and explore the basic layout of the place, but we ran into a few colorful characters. I was carrying a handful of business cards in case anyone seemed interested in the few models we were toting around, and lucky for me, I caught a few eyes. The first person to exclaim "Moogle!" actually offered to set me up with a booth at the Arkansas Anime Festival in November. I'm hoping to get all the details worked out soon. If it goes according to plan, I'll be doing some kind of generic introduction to papercraft, and probably sell layouts with some of my more popular models on display (mind you, with a big ol' sign which reads: if you have a printer and an internet connection, you can get these for free, I'm just selling paper and ink. Don't want to get my ass sued).

We also met some lovely ladies in distressing disguises (intentionally scary, unlike some; fangs and fake scars and cosmetic contacts), who seemed to be fellow veteran FFXI addicts. I must say, when confronted with prosthetic teeth of that sort, and told simply "I want that hat," I was just a bit nervous. Ian later commented that, in my shoes, he would've removed the hat from his head, and immediately given it as an attempt to curry favor. The thought really didn't enter my mind at the time...

Furthermore, upon arrival, I think someone might've recognized me and given me a poke as per some long-forgotten instructions. I was terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought at the time, so if you're reading this, attractive mystery girl, my sincerest apologies for seeming completely oblivious. Managed to pick up some Dissidia Friend Cards whilst wandering as well. I can't say any of them were challenging, but if you got mine, found this site, and want a rematch, you should look into the PS3's adhoc Party.

The following is a compilation of videos taken with my cell phone, detailing some interesting events.

Me: Okay, so, Ian has opted to find the cheapest vodka he can find, unchilled, at the bar, and he's going to add, um, a Health Potion, to that, and just do a shot. And, the results should be hilarious, and interesting, especially because he's the one driving us home.
Ian: (moronic laughter)
Me: Good?
Ian: Not bad. Cheers.
Me: Salud
Ian: ...that's weird.
Me: Give it a minute, as it travels down to his stomach, and...there we go. (Laughter)
Ian: Oh God...
Me: You gonna die?
Ian: No, no, I got this. It's good.
Me: This time he's decided, uh, this about two minutes after he just downed his, uh, his Health Potion and vodka. Uhm, and he's decided he's gonna go for the Mana Potion now, with nothin' else in it, straight up, down it. He's having a hard time at the moment.
Ian: (struggling to open the bottle)
Me: I think you're already drunk.
Ian: I'm not drunk.
Me: You can't even get a little bottle open, you're drunk. You're drunk. You're gonna die.
Ian: Cheers.
Me: Oh God...
Ian: It doesn't taste bad...but it doesn't feel good.
Me: (laughter)
Ian: Eugh...I'll get back to you on that.
Me: So, now we're about uhm, two minutes after that, and Ian's startin' to feel the effects now. Yisu's fairly certain he's going to end up in jail or the hospital. I'm not really sure. All I know is uh, he's going over the ingredients list uh, with kind of, fevered interest.
Ian: I just don't know if the...
Me: He's gonne die.
Me: Uhm, I just downed Ian's freaky menthol gum, and uh, there's just sort of a generic unpleasantness in my mouth. And uhm, I'd like him to repeat something he just said to me.
Ian: My heart hurts...and my kidneys.
Me: He can actually feel his kidneys.
Ian: Yeah...
Me: It's not a good sign, so, get back to you on that...
Me: So, the menthol's, uh, kickin' in for me, and I'm finding it amazing that I can actually breathe. Uhm, meanwhile, once again I'd like Ian to repeat something he just said.
Ian: Do you want someone killed? I could...I could take someone out right now.
Me: He's ready to murder someone.
Ian: (moronic laughter)
Me: Uhm, so, you know the, the lesson learned from this is, never mix a Health Potion, a Mana Potion, and cheap vodka.
Ian: That was expensive vodka. That was eight dollars.
Me: That was expensive because we are in a hotel. My Dr. Pepper cost $3.25. That was cheap vodka. The guy at the bar, said "this is the cheapest we got, and we ain't gonna chill it." So uh, you know, murder, (cut off) it ain't good.

What you didn't see were some conversations before we got to the bar, and in between shots, about how the website for Mana Potions advises, one: you should dilute your potion in something like tea, and two: that you should not consume more than one per 24-hour period (much less two in under five minutes, with alcohol). These are the reasons he chose to make the mistakes he did. The entire drive home he made comments about how eventually I would look over to find him completely rigid, staring straight forward, foaming at the mouth. Once we got home, I think he chugged about a liter of water.

Notice the interesting warning, "Use caffeine responsbily," and the incredible percentages of your daily requirement of vitamins you're consuming. Good times with strange liquids. Also, the "menthol gum," I mention is a Japanese chewing gum called "Black Black," (pictured at the top). It's rather minty, and opens up your sinuses in incredible new ways, making all the air you breathe feel disturbingly chilled. I have to admit, the first time it was unpleasant, then I started to crave it. I'm just glad there isn't nicotine in there as well...

EDIT: I've just been informed that Black Black is also caffeinated, which explains a few why I really want to order a whole case of the stuff. o_O

Anyhow, I'll let you know how that stuff with the convention in November works out. In the meantime, I'd still like to do another video to deliver on some requests for generic tips and tricks in design work, and one last one for a while, as part of a larger post on an "introduction to papercrafting." Might be useful if I'm to host some lesson at a convention.

...typing up that transcript felt like transcribing an episode of Cops...


Oh right! Almost forgot: some time ago I promised a video of myself and some friends making fools of ourselves in public, whilst attempting to speak a language we hardly understand. Due to computer issues plaguing our brilliant director (Mr. Yellow) all summer, the video wasn't posted until just recently. Given that you've already seen one video of my foolishness today, and it happened at an anime convention, I don't think I can really make myself look any more weeaboo, so here it is:

And yes, our character names were chosen to be intentionally, hilariously racist.
(It was funnier if you were there)


William said...

Haha nice. I went to my first anime con here in Orlando about a year ago... I'm a -very- shy person, so it was quite a shock for me just to be around SO many people... But everyone was in such an amazingly good mood that I felt welcome, even with nobody welcoming me.

I've been to 3 since then and I now look for all the standard craziness (yes! standard craziness!) like 'Everyone here just lost the game!' and Caramelldansen in the halls and the obligitory guy-dressed-as-a-girl-usually-in-a-sailor-suit. Crazy.

But awesome.

I'm glad to see your models got the attention they deserve!

Fezco said...

LOL! Just watched the video skit... "left hand looks like an "L""..... AHAHAHA!

Looks like your first "con" experience went well. Especially since you had people actually recognize the Moogle and the hat. Hope that booth at the next con actually pushes through!