Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Castigated for Rasterbating

Tangentially related at best, but I figured I'd post it.
I used a large map of Windurst (edited smaller maps I got out of the AltanaView program and stitched them together in PhotoShop) to make a gigantic rasterized poster.

Here's the map if anyone else is interested.

Also did a rasterized version of my character, Kaizo/Oka

If you're unfamiliar, the Rasterbator can be found here:
I recommend using the standalone version, as it gives you more options, especially in the dot size.
AltanaView's a good program to check out files other than basic models. If you're not familiar, check it out here:

I've been building a few smaller models to cool down after Carrie, including Ninjatoes' latest, Yuna

Made a mess of the head last night, so I'm gonna give it another shot, hopefully finish tonight.

Paperkraft.net has an article up that got me thinking about Halloween.

So I'm probably going to try to get these models worked out some time this week, just to be festive. Likely going to edit the lantern's texture to get a better shade of orange, and probably get the Hume style pumpkin hat as well.

Next release will be a set of 3 Mandragoras (black, white, and Lycopodium). I've got a Moogle model laid out just the way I want it, but I'm not completely sure about the size. It's just a little smaller than what I figure "life size" should be for a fictional mole-bat.

Finally, and at this point we're beyond tangential, today's my birthday! Woo! etc...
At least I'm not expected to get completely wasted at 22 (seriously, explaining to an Olive Garden waiter last year that 'I don't drink' was almost embarassing...).
Anyway, thought I'd post my giant raster-map and give a heads up on what to expect soon.
And now, back to my mashed potatoes.


Melantha Lady said...

Happy birthday ^_^

CourierCarrie said...

I love your work! Keep at it!

CourierCarrie said...

Hope you dont mind I mentioned you in my blog post :) Just let me know if you dont wish to be on there.