Sunday, September 6, 2009

Crisis Core Moogle

Crisis Core Moogle

It was brought to my attention while I was finishing the build (you may notice in the instructions that I change cutting mats a few photos from the end; I finished this at a friend's place) that I actually started the layout for this before classes ended last spring. It's been sitting around mostly done for over three months, so it was about time it got finalized. Went a lot smaller with the scale than I normally would for the following purpose:

Tomorrow (actually later today, in about...9 hours) I'll be attending Anime Fest with a few friends. The madman pictured below suggested I make something small enough to pin to my fedora so I can shamelessly advertise my wares whilst we muck about the convention. It's my first time witnessing a "con," so the experience should be interesting. If you're going (and happen to read this post between now and...9 hours from now...), you'll be able to spot me by the moogle on my hat. I'll probably be flanked by the crazy fellow, Ian, who has opted to sport my Warlock's Chapeau, and Yisu who may or may not decide to sacrifice her dignity by wearing a hat made out of paper.

Anyway, I need to get what sleep I can before I need to be up and wandering about Dallas.

...the eyes are what scare me the most...


Fezco said...

Duuuude... that looks awesome! Did you glue the moogle to your hat?

Oh man, 150mm.. 5.9in, that's a small moogle. Prolly can't build something that small, but the little guy is so worth it. May give this a try when I get the chance.

Have fun at the Con, you may actually bump into someone who's familiar with your work!

(ps what kind of word verification is "silypoo" O_O)

Fezco said...

Oh right, yeah you pinned the Moogle on. My bad, didn't read it clearly the first time.

I bet the con experience was, somewhat "enlightening". Hopefully Man-Faye didn't make an appearance.

Kaizo said...

What I actually ended up doing, since between two apartments, neither Ian or I could find a single safety pin, he let me borrow some of his cool neodymium magnets. Taped one to the inside of the had, slipped the other inside the moogle through a hole I cut in the bottom. The magnets gave the moogle a little room to wiggle around, and I could just pull it off my hat when someone wanted to have a closer look.