Monday, June 23, 2008

Request Delivery

Got around to addressing a few requests.

Resized Corsair's Tricorne


Stormwaker Automaton

Miniature Airship
This one's really got me interested. I've got a thing for airships (I may post some of my unrelated stuff later to illustrate). I would've said 'no' to this request right up until I found the latest modelviewer lists, which include furniture. There's also a model for a fullscale airship, but it's missing portions, and generally unmanagable. However, the Miniature Airship, an item only accessible after someone has been using an account with a Gold Worldpass for a year, is much more reasonable in terms of papercraft. I really want to take this one seriously, so I'm going to give it more attention that other requests, which I simple arrange as logically as I can, and testbuild it. As you can see, the model lacks propellers, as they're a sort of effect (constantly in motion), so I'm thinking I might use the revised propellers from Urashiman's Highwind, scaled accordingly. Pictured is an inital unfolding, before any rearrangement or edits.


Edminster said...

Kaizo delivers! I don't have access to a printer right now, and my copy of WinRar is fuxxored, but as soon as I can get things working again, I will build that tricorne!

Anonymous said...

the links to Hexagun aren't working...