Monday, June 23, 2008

It's my blog and I'll...camwhore if I want to?

Felt like doing the pointless, self-centered thing and posting my collection. Also because I'm a bit concerned that all this "I haven't testbuilt any of it" stuff is making it look like I don't know how to do anything beyond hakos (not that I haven't made my share of simple crap.)

The following is my entire collection, with a 3 inch hako-Zoidberg for scale.
Apologies for the wretched state of my camera.

Pretty much the whole thing.

An outdated calendar-ball I drew Zodiac signs on, Chomp-Chomp, 4chan Party Van, Prinny, Toast, Futurama Brain Slug, Skull, Domo-kun hiding behind the skull, and chibi Pyramid Head.

Okami Amaterasu, Megaman Servbot, Shin-chan and Whitey

My current project: an army of Katamari cousins. I'm about halfway through all the available models.

Double-size Nomad Moogle (not mine), Cactuar, Tonberry, my faithful chocobo Plato, and Vivi

Inital testbuilds of the Wizard's Petasos, Maat's Cap, and Drachen Armet

Windurstian Conquest Flag


Double-size model of Fran

Original Scale Highwind. (Did this one last summer)

Double-size Highwind V1 (my first real project this summer)

Double-size Highwind V2

Double-size Highwind V3

Ceiling cat (getting Zoidberg up there wasn't easy...)

Sluice Surveyor Mk. I (talking magic doll from BLM AF quests), Kingdom Hearts wizard

Most of the collection on a shelf in my bedroom, where it normally resides.

The V3 hanging over my monitor (seriously, how the Hell could I be seeking this long on Bard)

The double-size V1 and V2, plus Fran, in their normal locations.

If anyone's interested, I'd be happy to help find the original templates for anything shown. Many of them are on the /po/ Archives, or in /rs/ under the names you'd expect. If you can't track them down, I can help find where they're hiding, or post the copies I have.

If you have any questions and don't feel like waiting around, feel free to instant message me (s/n is in the profile), and if you play FFXI on Asura, I recently started playing again and world transfered from Cerberus, so the new name is Oka. Say 'hi' if you like.


Si said...

your collection is awesome!!
i made the vivi thats there too..
however, if you could send me the kingdom hearts wizard... it would be great!

Guilherme said...

Great stuff, all well made. Congrats. But... Where i can find that Okami?? Keep the great work. :D

LOVE BABY & KIDS said...

It's amazing collection..
Can I ask a copy Crayon Sinchan?
Did you know how I could find Tom Rider Paper craft template?
Thanks a lot....

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the Okami template?

Kaizo said...

Couldn't find any source links, seeing as how I saw it on 4chan years ago, but here's another download location: