Thursday, June 12, 2008


As I've stated, almost all of my models are currently untested. If you attempt one and come across some troubles, please, leave comments in this post letting me know. As I haven't had the chance to testbuild, the responses would be very useful. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Well I was going to tell you on 4chan I would help build some of these hopefully today but here works too ^.^

I'm fairly new to paper craft though, I've only made a little over a dozen in these past two weeks but the helmets look simple enough. After I finish Yoshi today I will try to build a helmet or two at least.

Anonymous said...

I will print of the rouge, dragoon and the mnk weapons(I was the one that suggested them and Baghnakhs were a good choice, they are probably my favorite) but I will update you on them soon, I have to head of to class right now and printing them off afterwards. If you like if you have me on aim feel free to add me.